10 Edgiest 2000s Anime, Ranked


It’s always interesting to watch edgy characters since they’re mostly calm, judicious, and cold. Such characters usually try to do everything themselves by ruthlessly defeating their enemies. Anime in the 2000s always delighted audiences because viewers could see the painstaking work of the creators.

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The edgiest 2000s anime are famous for being detailed in nearly every way, plot included. These anime series typically have a serious story and characters that are smart, alert, and a little aggressive. Such characters are almost always strong in anime and thanks to them, viewers can enjoy many edgy moments.

10 Stigma Of The Wind Is About Kazuma’s Ascent And Revenge

The Kannagi Clan values the power of its members. Everyone in the clan is famous for wielding fire magic — except for Kazuma, who has gained the hatred of clan members and his own family as a result. Kazuma was expelled from his family and spent a considerable amount of time alone until he met Tsui Ling, a girl he fell in love with, but could not protect due to his weakness.

She left a deep mark of grief inside Kazuma, through which he was able to completely change into one of the edgiest characters in Stigma of the Wind. After dealing with so much pain, he makes a contract with the king of the wind and becomes one of the strongest wind mages.

9 Grappler Baki Is Full Of Edgy Characters & Brutal Fights

Baki is a capable and calm character who wants to become strong enough to overpower the strongest fighters. The anime Grappler Baki shows that he can only become stronger when he fights the toughest people or watches others fight. With this conviction, he goes forward on his path of improvement.

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There are quite a few strong and cold characters in the anime that Baki surpasses. He also comes face to face with characters whose strength defies logic, especially when many of them are capable of breaking anything with their bare hands.

8 Attack On Titan’s Terrifying World Has Many Violent Characters

Eren Leads The Survey Corps In Attack On Titan

The plot of Attack on Titan is far from boring because its world is one step away from total destruction. Titans attack human settlements and eat people, putting humanity at a great disadvantage. Titans are incredibly strong and the only ones who can cope with them are trained military soldiers who are able to overcome great heights with the help of ODM gear.

With such weapons and maneuverability, many soldiers have been able to kill Titans and stay alive. In such a world, few would remain optimistic, so even the main character Eren Jaeger has become edgy over time.

7 Black Butler Fans Love Ciel & Sebastian’s Uniqueness

Ciel and Sebastian from Black Butler

Black Butler was released in 2008 and struck fans with its darkness and harsh narrative. The story follows Ciel Phantomhive, who at a young age was able to become the head of his noble family because his parents were murdered. Ciel himself almost died as well.

He made a deal with a demon, where the price was his own soul. From that day on, he got himself a terrifyingly strong butler and bodyguard who he named Sebastian. Ciel is edgy enough at his young age, but Sebastian is certainly the edgiest of the entire cast.

6 Devil May Cry Has Violent & Cool Characters

A great anime based on the game of the same name, Devil May Cry is about Dante, who’s a powerful demon hunter. He is half-demon half-human armed with special pistols, as well as a huge Rebellion sword behind his back. Viewers can safely consider Dante quite edgy.

In the world of Devil May Cry, there are enough brutal characters ready at any time to finish off demons without breaking a sweat, such as Modeus, since he’s immortal and has mesmerizing physical power.

5 Hellsing’s Characters Are So Strong & Brutal That Many Monsters Are Afraid Of Them

Alucard from Hellsing

Hellsing is a secret organization specially created to keep the peace of mankind. This organization has an incredible number of cruel, strong, and serious warriors who are willing to shed the blood of many monsters without noticing their wounds. Although all the warriors in this organization are amazing, they pale in comparison to Alucard.

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Alucard is an incredibly strong vampire with no equal, and together with his subordinates, they confront not only various monsters and demons but also a mysterious group of former mercenaries and scientists of Germany. The anime is filled with darkness and its characters often show just how edgy they are.

4 Samurai Champloo Has The Two Edgiest Companions

Mugen Keeps His Distance From Jin In Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo‘s edgiest characters are definitely the samurai Mugen and Jin. Mugen is a former pirate who’s reckless and aggressive towards anyone and everyone. His whole life has been full of dangerous fights and even some murders.

Mugen also has a strong sword fighting style called Capoeira, but carries a weapon illegally, unlike Jin. Jin is the exact opposite of Mugen, as he is always reserved and controls himself in all situations. Jin is a true samurai and a superior warrior, who’s always serious and alert.

3 The Death Note’s Owner Can Kill Anyone Just By Writing Their Name

Light Yagami from Death Note

Any owner of the Death Note is capable of killing anyone in the world just by knowing their name. Light Yagami picked up the Death Note and initially attempted to enact his own form of justice. He was always clever and stuck to his own ideology. He used the notebook to kill everyone he deemed unworthy of life.

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Furthermore, he successfully manipulated everyone, even the police, who tried their best to catch him. Light is one of the edgiest and smartest characters in all of anime. His rival L was the best detective for a long while but failed to expose Light as Kira. He was also being edgy, and a bit strange.

2 Darker Than Black Has A Dark World Full Of Unusual People

In South America and Japan, a gate suddenly appeared, which people called Hell’s Gate and Heaven’s Gate. When Hell’s Gate appeared in the world, the sky immediately changed and the moon disappeared. People who gain superhuman powers from these Gates are called contractors.

Every single one of these characters, including the main character Hei, cannot feel love or be emotionally attached to anyone, so they go forward purely out of self-interest. The soothsayer observed that Hei’s life has a unique destiny, as the future of mankind depends on him. He is armed to the teeth and is a strong contractor.

1 Code Geass: Lelouch Of The Rebellion’s Intricate Actions Are Admirable

Lelouch Aims At Suzaku In Code Geass

Code Geass‘s protagonist, Lelouch Lamperouge, has a demonic personality and the edgiest superpower. Viewers admire him because he has an incredibly sharp mind and thinks several moves ahead. Lelouch is the son of the emperor and blamed his father for his mother’s death and his sister’s blindness.

This incident completely changed him and made him cruel and greedy for power, even after he had great power. He gained the ability to bend the will of the people he looks up to. In this way, he gained the ability to get whatever he wanted.

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