10 Meal Prep Strategies to Get Dinner Ready in 10 Minutes or Less


Create simple hacks for efficiency.

It’s 5:00 p.m. Do you know where your dinner is?

There’s nothing more frustrating than navigating the grocery store after a long day of work, hungry and bleary-eyed with no mealtime game plan. That’s when all rationale and good intentions for eating well go out the window.

As the owner of two businesses, mom of five, a plant-based eater and designated family chef, meal prep has made a monumental impact on my sanity and the collective well-being of my family. If mama doesn’t have it together, no one else will either.

Even though cooking is a big part of my career, making from-scratch sauces and foraging for ingredients is not part of my daily routine – especially with three teenagers and four adults in the family. Forget about 30-minute meals. When the kids start circling the kitchen like a pack of wolves, I’ve got 10 minutes tops before they start bearing their canines.

A big part of my weekly strategy is creating simple hacks and lifestyle habits to save time and take the stress out of the process of cooking. By picking one day a week to meal prep, you can significantly take a lot of time away from the kitchen. Like the saying goes: Fail to plan, plan to fail.

When it comes to something as important as food to a chef and nutritionist, I couldn’t stomach the idea of a frozen meal existence or worse, the default drive-thru. I want to control portion sizes and where the ingredients come from. I want to know how much sodium and fat are going into my meals. I know all too well that if you eat to thrive, you help your body and brain to function at their best, and that’s where we can make the biggest impact on our health three times a day.

With that, here are my 10 favorite meal prep strategies to help get you ready for healthy eating success:


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