7 Smoothie Apps to Make the Most of Your Blender


‘Eat more fruits and vegetables’ is a classic piece of nutritional advice almost everyone knows, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. One quick way to add more fruit and vegetables into your daily meals is by drinking smoothies.

However, even these simple drinks benefit from a recipe collection because making a great smoothie takes a little forethought. But with a bit of practice, you can turn your kitchen into a drink-slinging smoothie bar. Here are some of the best smoothie recipe apps that will have you creating gourmet concoctions in no time.

1. 101 Smoothie Recipes

As the name implies, this app serves up 101 smoothie recipes, complete with bright, colorful photos and a searchable recipe database. Along with standard-issue fruits and vegetables, you’ll also find herbs like mint, basil, and even cayenne pepper in the mix.

Spicy Watermelon, Bavarian Orange, and Cherry Bomb are just a few of the recipes included.

You can even select the individual ingredients from the list and quickly find recipes that include them. So if you’re in the mood for a smoothie made with oranges, for instance, select the orange tab to see all available recipes.

A shopping list function makes it easy to see all the ingredients at once. You can add the ingredients for multiple smoothies, too, to make your grocery run a little easier.


Overall it’s a simple and well-organized app with plenty of features almost any smoothie lover will appreciate.

Download: 101 Smoothie Recipes for iOS ($9.99)

2. Green Smoothies by Young and Raw

Learn to love green smoothies with this app, featuring 120 recipes accompanied by gorgeous photographs. It’s a visually appealing app that’s simple to navigate.

A searchable database makes finding your favorite recipe a cinch. Scrolling the home page brings up dozens of recipes, including the Sweet Greens Smoothie and the Banana Berry Energy Smoothie.

Health benefits associated with the ingredients are listed under each recipe as well. A tiny scale icon on the ingredients list lets you switch between U.S. and metric/imperial units instantly.

There’s also a 30-day green smoothie challenge that encourages you to blend up a different recipe each day for the duration. Additionally, a shopping list function keeps track of all the ingredients for several days’ worth of smoothies, simplifying your meal planning.

If you’re already a fan of vegan apps for the plant-based lifestyle in general, then this app will fit right in your collection.

Download: Green Smoothies by Young and Raw for iOS ($7.99)

3. Simply Smoothies

This app allows you to create your own smoothie recipes using lists of your favorite ingredients. Use the app to build new recipes by trying out different greens, fruits, vegetables, and add-ins like sweeteners and spices.

The app provides nutrition information for each ingredient as well. For instance, you can look up the exact amount of potassium found in 1 cup of carrot juice.

It’s a handy app for anyone who wants to experiment and come up with unique blends. There’s also a Smoothie Pack paid option with tried and tested recipes.

Download: Simply Smoothies for iOS (free to download, premium version available)

4. Smoothie Blaster

Need some suggestions for your next blended creation? With ingredients like dragon fruit, raspberry, and coconut water in the mix, the smoothie recipes on this app are pretty solid.

You’ll get access to recipes with names like Lemon Poppy Seed, Spa Cucumber, and Pumpkin Spice.

Plus, all recipes are listed in precise cup measurements to make creating your perfect smoothie easier. You can also save your favorite recipes.

Download: Smoothie Blaster for iOS ($0.99)

5. 500+ Healthy Smoothie Recipes

With such a vast library of recipes to choose from, you’re bound to find a new favorite blend with this app. Plenty of unusual recipes stand out from the pack, including a Roasted Strawberry Protein Smoothie and a Bananas Foster Overnight Oats Smoothie.

The app organizes all the recipes in groups such as breakfast, energy, and protein smoothies. Recipes for bowl smoothies are included as well, because sometimes, you just want to enjoy your snack with a spoon.

Like many of these apps, a favorite list and shopping list function are also available for those who need it.

Download: 500+ Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Android ($2.49)

6. Daily Blends Recipes

Billed as the bestselling smoothie recipe app, Daily Blends features over 250 plant-based recipes. There’s a playful aspect to the app with recipe names like Pinky Pie Punch and U Pick Me Up.

The app organizes Smoothie recipes by type, including workout, energizing, and dessert. Ingredients lists are clearly organized, and extra notes about the recipe sometimes appear at the bottom. (For instance, you can peel kiwis before blending or leave the skin on for added fiber.)

Each recipe is accompanied by colorful and often mouth-watering photographs of the finished blends and their ingredients.

To mix things up more, a selection of warm smoothie recipes is available too. These have intriguing recipe names such as Hazelnut Hot Chocolate and Apple Pie. You also have a way to create custom shopping lists based on your favorite recipes, making meal planning a bit simpler.

Download: Daily Blends Recipes for Android | iOS ($4.99)

7. Smoothie Recipes

With a pretty straightforward title, this app offers a range of over 150 smoothie recipes. Green smoothies, dairy-free varieties, and even smoothie bowl concoctions are a majority of what you’ll find.

A Cranberry Beet Smoothie, Peppermint Mocha, and Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie are some of the must-try recipes. A bright and colorful photo accompanies each recipe to give a better idea before you decide on a smoothie.

The app is free to download for both Android and iOS devices, although you will need to navigate some persistent ads.

Download: Smoothie Recipes for Android (free with in-app purchases)

Making the Most of Your Smoothies

When it comes to smoothies, recipes are only half of the equation. Your blender will also affect the outcome of your finished drink.

Immersion blenders are great for single-serve portions, while a sturdy countertop blender is a solid choice for households who whip up a ton of the drinks. If you’re looking to blend up nuts or other dry ingredients regularly, then a high-performance blender may be worth the investment.

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If you’re out and about a lot, it’s possible to take your blender game out of the kitchen entirely. With a portable blender like the Blendjet 2, you can have a smoothie literally anywhere.

Stir Up Something New With Smoothie Apps

Whether you’re a longtime smoothie fan or a newcomer to the world of blended drinks, these smoothie apps will help keep your recipe collection fresh. These simple recipes make it easier to increase the fruits and vegetables in your daily meals.

Most importantly, they’re simply a delicious treat. With literally hundreds of recipes scattered throughout the apps—many of which are free—you’re sure to find a new favorite flavor in the mix.

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