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Each year during the holiday season, we are reminded how generously the Helena community helps children in our Helena schools with their compassion, kindness and financial support! Angel Fund is a nonprofit corporation making a difference for children in need. Angel Fund began 32 years ago at one school helping a few students with winter coats and field trip fees. Because of Covid-19, we are projecting almost 1,000 students will need assistance with school clothes, shoes, winter outerwear, supplies and other varied school items needed to be successful in the classroom in person and virtually! We are honored to be a part of their “success story” each year changing lives for the better! Because of your generosity and believing in the work of Angels, the human spirit continues to be healthy and strong among our families facing uncertainty and hardship.

Angel Fund also awards Montana post-secondary scholarships to qualifying seniors at Access to Success, CHS, HHS and PAL based on financial need, academic success and a commitment to “pay it forward.” Along with our generous sponsors, Angel Fund awarded 33 graduates a Montana $1,000-$2,000 Scholarship this past fall so they can begin a new chapter in higher education towards a brighter future!

“Stuff the Bus” our annual school supply drive coordinated by Angel Fund, was again reinvented this summer! In the past, local churches, businesses, state agencies and Helena citizens gave generously to help local children with a new backpack full of supplies! Yes, we help not only Helena children, but students in the smaller school districts surrounding Helena. Because of Covid, we continued to ask the Helena community to give monetary donations instead of supplies for our 1,400 students that needed school supplies this fall. We met our goal of $40,000 to distribute among all our schools so they could purchase school supplies in bulk for their students.

Angel Fund and the Helena Police Department partner together for “Running for Montana’s Future Program.” Resource Officers deliver proper athletic shoes for students in need. Since its beginning in 2010, over 800 pair of shoes have been purchased! A “win-win” project promoting a healthy lifestyle!

How to Donate: Please visit our website or donations can be mailed to: Angel Fund, P.O. Box 7436, Helena, MT 59604. Thank you for your continued financial support! Your “Empty Stockings” monetary donations are needed and extremely appreciated! Together, we are changing lives and sincerely appreciate your dedication and loyalty to this nonprofit! All kids want to fit in with their peers. Having proper school supplies, new clothing and shoes encourages attendance and an enthusiastic attitude to learn. Your kindness and generous gift supports the mission of Angel Fund and makes a difference in a child’s spirit. Thank you!


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