Ball Brothers Foundation awards more than $6.5 million in grants


The Ball Brothers Foundation has awarded $6.5 million in grants for to recipients including IU Health.

MUNCIE, Ind. — The Ball Brothers Foundation has awarded $6.5 million in grants for its second round of funding for 2021, for projects such as bolstering local healthcare organizations and supporting schools in the wake of the pandemic.

As part of the healthcare support, Ball Brothers Foundation awarded six grants of $40,000 each to partners in Optimus Primary, a strategic, collaborative partnership to strengthen the pipeline of medical professionals training in Muncie. The grants were awarded to:

  • Ivy Tech Foundation for the continuation of its new sonography certificate program.
  • Ball State University for expanded programming at the Healthy Lifestyle Centers and for further developing a live-learn community at the Village Promenade for IU School of Medicine-Muncie students.
  • IU School of Medicine-Muncie to establish a dedicated property manager at Village Promenade Learning Laboratory for medical students, to enhance its point-of-care ultrasound program, and to further bolster the Muncie campus’s reputation for excellence in preparing medical students to address health promotion and disease prevention.
  • IU Health Foundation to enhance its internal medicine residency programs.
  • Meridian Health Services for the creation of an innovative education program to help physicians in training and mid-level providers practicing in Delaware County to better recognize and provide care to patients who are experiencing trauma, mental health challenges, substance abuse issues, and more.
  • Open Door Health Services for the purchase of two point-of-care ultrasound machines that will allow Open Door to provide expanded imaging capabilities on site and will provide enhanced training opportunities for local medical students.


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