Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements in 2022


However, you may have difficulties with attention and mental stamina.

Nootropics are natural supplements that assist healthy individuals in enhancing their cognitive function. On a daily basis, many individuals aspire to be their best. However, you may have difficulties with attention and mental stamina. Worse still, as a result of weariness, you may have cognitive fog. You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to increase your mental performance.

We’ll guide you through the labyrinth of Best Nootropics Supplements with our top recommendations, provide information on a food-first method to explore before plunging into nootropics and supplements, and address a variety of frequently asked issues regarding brain supplements.

Numerous studies have shown that they have the potential to improve memory, motivation, creativity, attention, and overall cognitive performance. The Best Nootropics may also help to slow the deterioration in cognitive performance associated with aging.

The TOP 5 Best Nootropics for you! Research & Studies Revealed

1) Noocube – Best Nootropics Overall

Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements in 2022  Extended Research  Studies

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NooCube is a brain supplement that boosts productivity. It was released in 2016 and has already assisted over 124,000 people worldwide in improving their cognitive abilities.

This nootropic was designed for healthy men and women over the age of 18. It is said to improve brain speed, focus, multitasking ability, and memory sharpness. Although marketers often target students and office employees, it is open to anybody.

NooCube’s Advantages

The following are some of NooCube’s key advantages, according to its creators:

Memory, learning, and critical thinking are all improved.

Neurotransmitters help neurons communicate with one another in the brain. This touch is essential for memory formation and the learning of new abilities. NooCube boosts the production of these neurotransmitters. As a consequence, it considerably improves remembering, learning capacity, and cognitive clarity. NooCube also protects the brain against free radicals, beta-amyloid plaques, and inflammation. Researchers have connected them to memory issues.

  • Neurotransmitters are increased

NooCube boosts neurotransmitters in the brain, such as acetylcholine and dopamine, effectively. These two biochemicals operate together to promote mental focus and concentration. When you first start using NooCube, you will notice a considerable improvement in your ability to focus on a task and avoid distractions.

Certain NooCube components assist the brain in receiving more blood. Blood supplies the brain with all of the components required for energy generation. As a consequence, taking NooCube throughout the day assists in keeping your brain active.

  • Improved Mood and Motivation:

Several biochemicals in the brain regulate our emotions and motivation. The two most important are dopamine and serotonin. NooCube both encourages and regulates the creation of these compounds. This keeps you motivated and upbeat. It also helps to lift one’s attitude during times of stress.

The alpha brain wave is in charge of creative thinking. When we are quiet and processing little information, our brain produces alpha waves. This often happens immediately before we go to bed and shortly after we wake up in the morning. NooCube accelerates the production of these alpha vibrations. This will keep your creative juices flowing throughout the day.

Ingredients for NooCube

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that has been linked to learning. Memory, learning, focus, motivation, and attentiveness are all enhanced by it. Dopamine also benefits the brain by enhancing focus, motivation, and mood.

Alpha GPC has been demonstrated to increase cognitive function considerably. It’s being researched as a potential therapy for neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.

It improves cognition by blocking an enzyme that destroys acetylcholine. As a consequence, acetylcholine levels in the brain rise, as do the cognitive benefits linked with it. Huperzine A also protects brain cells from oxidative damage. Because of these benefits, it is an effective means of restoring cognitive decline in elders and dementia patients.

Cat’s Claw is obtained from the shrub Uncaria tomentosa, which is only found in the Amazon rainforest. It is known to have neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties, among other things.

Cat’s Claw contains antioxidants that protect brain cells from free radical damage, according to several studies.

It also eliminates beta-amyloid plaques in the brain, which may lead to memory loss. It also protects and repairs the brain’s DNA.

Cat’s Claw’s anti-inflammatory properties assist in the prevention of dementia and depression.

This plant extract improves memory, learning, focus, and cognitive function in general. It increases mood while also lowering the risk of neurological diseases.

Bacopa monnieri is an Indian herb that contains substantial amounts of neuroprotective compounds known as bacosides. Bacosides are master regulators of neurotransmitters. They control the production of these biochemicals in the brain.

The major neurotransmitters include acetylcholine, GABA, serotonin, and dopamine. Controlling these variables enhances attention, mood, motivation, memory, and learning.

Bacopa also enhances blood flow to the brain. Blood is essential for transporting oxygen, nutrients, and other key energy sources throughout the body. This molecule may be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease and various kinds of dementia, among other things.

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2) Mind Lab Pro – Best Nootropics for Learning and Focus

Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements in 2022  Extended Research  Studies

Mind Lab Pro is a nootropic pill composed of 11 natural multifunctional elements that target six key brain pathways: energy, chemicals, circulation, regrowth (regeneration), protection, and signaling.

It is a multi-purpose nootropic that is designed to improve both short-term mental function and long-term brain health.

The supplement works by using nootropics in improved formulations that boost a wide range of mental or cognitive functions at dose levels similar to those of prescription drugs. This method increases the amount of brain processes and pathways accessible to you, hence improving your cognitive performance.

It is formulated to aid all sorts of mental activity linked with learning and understanding (cognition) in all individuals. This may be especially advantageous for those who lead active lifestyles with a lot of mental activity, such as professionals, athletes, and other competitors, as well as dynamic elderly people and students.

Mind Lab Pro is designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom by Opti-Nutra Ltd at an FDA-registered and GMP-certified facility in New Jersey, USA.

Mind Lab Pro Ingredients

  • Citicoline (also known as Cognizin)

Citicoline is a brain chemical that occurs naturally in the human body. It is covered by a patent as cognition and is included in Mind Lab Pro.

The medicine was first recommended to help stroke sufferers restore memory, reasoning, and brain function. It is mostly used as a dietary supplement in the United States to increase brain regeneration, energy, memory, and other cognitive functions.

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a chemical that is necessary for a number of body activities, notably those involving the brain; it is found in trace amounts in the majority of diets. Sharp-PS Green, a premium, soy-free, and ecologically friendly PS made from sunflower lecithin, is a Mind Lab Pro component.

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Organic)

The scientific name for the lion’s mane mushroom is Hericium erinaceus. It is used as a full spectrum extract, which means that it contains all of the naturally occurring components in the mushroom.

Mind Lab Pro uses the active component (bacosides) in bacopa monnieri plant extract to help with memory retention while also improving brain chemical processes and blood flow to the brain.

The root of the Rhodiola rosea plant has been used in folk medicine for a long time and is considered an adaptogen (see below). The herb is used in nootropic pills to improve mental and physical performance while under strain.

Tyrosine is an amino acid that helps to maintain stressed-out components required by nerve cells to send and receive signals (neurotransmitters), also known as the body’s chemical messengers.

  • Extract of Marine Pine Bark

The extract of marine pine bark improves blood flow to the brain while also functioning as an antioxidant.

Furthermore, theanine is an amino acid found in tea and certain mushrooms. It is used as a nootropic to boost alpha brain waves, which signal when you are in a state of physical and mental calm, as well as to relieve caffeine-induced jitters.

Nutragenesis is a unique version of important vitamins B6, B9, and B12. It promotes blood flow during concentrated attention and mental activity (cerebral), as well as brain chemical balance and general brain health.

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3) Hunter Focus – Best Brain Supplements for Brain Fog

Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements in 2022  Extended Research  Studies

Hunter Focus is intended to be a perfect brain supplement for guys who want to achieve in business. One of the things this nootropic does, as the name says, is create razor-sharp mental concentration.

Although Hunter Focus was designed for men, nothing in the formula prevents women from reaping the same benefits.

Professional success requires a great capacity to concentrate. You won’t go very far if you allow yourself to be continuously sidetracked. Hunter Focus has been carefully created to assist you in keeping your focus on the task at hand.

Hunter Attention not only enhances focus and concentration, but it also promotes creativity. That is significant. Most successful company operations need the use of individuals who can think beyond the box.

Hunter Focus may be a decent nootropic to try if you often suffer from brain fog or wish to boost your analytical abilities.

You won’t have to worry about forgetting the names of business contacts or missing critical meetings thanks to many potent components including bacopa monnieri and lion’s mane mushroom.

Hunter Focus is made up of nine important ingredients

  • Monnieri Bacopa
  • Mushroom of the Lion’s Mane
  • L-Theanine
  • Citicoline
  • N-acetyl-L-tyrosine N-acetyl-L-tyrosine N-acetyl- (NALT)
  • Pine Bark from the Sea
  • Phosphatidylserine
  • Ashwagandha
  • Flower of Passion

Hunter concentration not only prepares your mind for professional achievement, but it also improves your attitude. No matter how busy your schedule is, this pill makes it easy to unwind.

Hunter focus is a bit more costly than the other supplements on our top nootropics list, at $75 a bottle. However, if you are serious about growing your company, $75 each month is a great investment.

Benefits of Hunter Focus in a Nutshell

  • Enhances memory and mental attention.
  • Improves mental energy
  • It slows cognitive deterioration.
  • Increases creativity
  • Improves mood
  • Improves your learning experience by optimizing your brain.

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4) Brain Pill – Best for Entrepreneurs

Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements in 2022  Extended Research  Studies

Brain Pill has established a reputation for being the most effective nootropic product for entrepreneurs.

The cutting-edge blend combines thirteen highly potent components that allow business professionals to perform at top mental clarity. Users may thus work harder and think more creatively than their rivals.

Brain Pill provides a multitude of cognitive advantages. The drugs have been proved to stimulate brain activity while removing mental fog and retaining working memory. Additionally, the cognitive enhancer improves users’ learning of new knowledge.

Benefits of Brain Pill

Many people question if the FDA has authorized the brain Pill, and the answer is no. Only drugs require FDA approval prior to being sold. Supplements created using natural ingredients that have no negative effects are not subject to FDA approval. Brain Pill gives various advantages to consumers, and the following is a tiny list of such benefits.

  • Enhances Learning Capacity

The general perception is that learning grows more difficult as we age. However, given time, taking Brain Pill in combination with mental exercises, it is possible to restore that childish ability for learning. Individuals seldom improve just by using Brain Pill for many weeks.

  • Increased Concentration Mentally

While concentrating on being productive might be advantageous, our ability for focus may decline with time. While some people are more prone to distraction than others, distraction in any instance leads to a loss of productivity. Additionally, difficulty to focus hinders your ability to work normally. Brain Pill may aid in performance enhancement by enhancing attention and assisting you in ‘zoning in’.

  • Contributes to the Nutrition of the Brain

Consider the brain to be a muscle, similar to any other muscle in our body; it needs nourishment to work effectively. However, since the brain is incapable of consuming enough food, there is no need to worry about overdoing it. A malnourished brain may reveal numerous signs of cognitive impairment. Fortunately, Brain Pill improves performance instantly by giving the brain the nutrition it demands.

Brain Pill Ingredients

Surprisingly, when you look at the list of ingredients for Brain Pill, you will see that the composition is not unique. However, if you dig a little further, as we did, you’ll learn that it’s more than simply a herbal supplement; it also includes a number of extra ingredients. The chemicals in Brain Pill have been utilized in traditional medicine for centuries. Additionally, several drugs have been scientifically validated.

Additionally referred to as black pepper extract, its presence in the formulation increases its effectiveness by increasing absorption. Additionally, its thermogenesis characteristics are well-documented.

This ingredient is included in a wide range of formulations and is well-known for its potential to improve cognitive function. According to certain studies, taking Synapsa on a daily basis may benefit those who suffer from forgetfulness. As a result, it is seen as a crucial component of learning.

It is a water-soluble molecule that many scientists believe provides brain sustenance. It improves mental wellness by up to 18% and raises the metabolic rate of the body. Additionally, early research suggests that cognition promotes neurotransmitter production.

In order for our brains to work correctly, they need energy, which pantothenic acid provides. When adequate levels are present, it may help in autonomic nervous system modulation.

While it is not a nootropic, it contributes to overall health improvement and reduces the risk of stroke. However, in Brain Pill, it functions as a supplement to the blood, delivering nutrients to the brain as well.

It contributes to the synthesis of DNA and RNA. Additionally, it is very effective in reversing disorders associated with decreased brain volume and memory loss.

This vitamin, also known as Pyridoxine, helps the body produce more dopamine and norepinephrine. Both medications, when used in the recommended dosages, help in the alleviation of sorrow and forgetfulness.

It assists in the improvement of focus and the reduction of anxiety with sustained use. Additionally, the chemical aids in blood pressure reduction.

When ingested in appropriate levels, it has been demonstrated to improve cognitive performance when extracted from flaxseed oil and found in fish oil. DHA makes up a significant amount of the brain’s mass, which explains why it is necessary for cognitive function.

L-Tyrosine supplementation enhances the favorable cognitive effects of the other ingredients in this formulation.

It contributes to the optimization of brain function, promotes overall alertness, and alleviates anxiety.

It is a well-researched stimulant of cognition. Numerous studies done over the years have shown that it improves one’s ability for learning, attention, and memory. Additionally, it guards against neurotransmitter degradation.

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5) Performance Lab Mind – Brain Supplements for Focus & Energy

Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements in 2022  Extended Research  Studies

Performance Lab Mind is a cognitive enhancer that has been scientifically shown to increase all aspects of brain function and mental wellbeing. It is a whole stack that is not restricted to a single function.

It is made by Opti Nutra, a company based in the United Kingdom. It is essentially a scaled-down and less expensive counterpart of its larger sister, Mind Lab Pro.

It has some of the same components and advantages, but it is less comprehensive and far less costly.

Advantages of Performance Lab

Among the advantages offered by Performance Lab Mind are the following:

Memory is said to be the first thing to go as you age, despite the fact that most people wish they had better memories. Because memory retention is an important component of cognition and learning, improving it may have a cascading effect, resulting in further benefits.

Citicoline, for example, improved working memory, which is the storage of little bits of information that help in other cognitive functions.

  • Improve Cognitive Functioning

As previously mentioned, cognition refers to a set of related qualities that are often linked with practical intelligence. Memory retention, perception, reasoning, and language ability are all part of cognition. This vitamin may help with anything from brain cell renewal to neurotransmitter replenishment.

Furthermore, Mind improves brain function by reducing oxidative damage and inflammation, hence avoiding cognitive decline.

It doesn’t provide the same amount of energy as a cup of coffee. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that promotes various bodily functions. The impact of Maritime Pine Bark Extract, for example, is not the same.

Rather, they are concentrating on improving brain energy. If you’ve ever struggled to think clearly after a long day at work, you may want to give Performance Lab Mind a go.

The mind opens blood vessels to improve blood flow to the brain in the Laboratory of Performance. Cerebral blood flow is important because the brain needs a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients to operate correctly. Furthermore, it may allow a greater proportion of the components to reach and enter the blood-brain barrier, where they may have an effect.

  • Contributes to Exhaustion of the Mind

Brain fog is a real disorder induced by changes in the chemistry of the brain. When essential chemicals and minerals are low, mental fatigue develops until levels are restored. Tyrosine and citicoline are fundamental ingredients utilized to generate the resources required for clear thinking.


The Performance Lab Mind formula is a special combination of compounds often found in nootropic supplements. It has no synthetic additives and is fully made up of natural substances. Furthermore, Performance Lab has a standardization method in place to ensure that each tablet and container includes the same quantity of active ingredients.

Citicoline is involved in the formation of brain cell membranes and has therefore been linked to brain cell regeneration. It is also required for the reactions of various brain chemicals.

While its relevance and function are uncertain, it seems to be associated with general brain function improvement. It has also been demonstrated to help with working memory improvement. Consider this: if your brain were a computer, citicoline would temporarily increase processing speed.

Tyrosine is an amino acid that acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine is essential for the human brain’s reward system to work effectively, giving us a delightful experience whenever we solve a problem or meet a demand. It is so important to mental motivation that nootropics often seek to provide it.

An increase in concentration has been associated with the amino acid. However, it may have that effect only if your brain is already deprived of dopamine, either through illness or from overthinking. This may not be advantageous if you are not intellectually inferior.

  • Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime pine bark extract may help to maintain brain function in a number of ways.

To begin, maritime pine bark extract has antioxidant properties that may assist in the prevention of damage buildup over time. It also reduces nitric oxide levels, which reduces inflammation.

Both oxidative and inflammatory damage have been related to cell damage. Inflammation, especially in the brain, has been linked to mental illness as a possible cause. Pine bark extract may be able to minimize or avoid this damage.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid, which is a kind of fatty acid that is similar to omega-3 fatty acids in some ways. Phospholipids are present in practically all cell membranes, but they have also been proved to aid long-term brain function.

It is also necessary for the immune system and the maintenance of normal levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Although cortisol is produced under stressful situations, reducing cortisol levels in older persons may benefit in cognitive enhancement.

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The Most Effective Natural Nootropics: Extended Research

Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements in 2022  Extended Research  Studies

This is not an exhaustive list of the top nootropics. We just share it to provide you with a better understanding of what the greatest natural brain boosters can achieve.

A Huperzine

Huperzine A is a natural brain enhancer and potent natural nootropic derived from a moss species. It’s one of the most popular nootropic compounds on the market, and there’s plenty of research to back it up.

Huperzine A is an acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitor, among other things.

Acetylcholinesterase is a neurotransmitter that aids memory function and maintains mental clarity and concentration.

Huperzine A and other AChE inhibitors slow the breakdown of acetylcholinesterase, allowing you to get the most out of it.

Huperzine A significantly enhanced memory and cognitive capacity in 58 percent of Alzheimer’s disease patients in one research.

Mushroom of the Lion’s Mane

Lion’s mane mushrooms are named from their shaggy appearance. They are popular in Japan as both a food and a medicinal plant. This substance is beneficial in a variety of ways, including increasing heart and intestinal strength.

Some of the substances found in lion’s mane mushrooms promote the growth of new brain cells. The shaggy wonder also has regenerative abilities that may be useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Some research strongly supports this capacity.

Other research suggests that lion’s mane mushroom might help with sadness and anxiety.


Citicoline stimulates brain cells and improves the neural impulses that power thought. It also promotes healthy cognitive function by increasing neurotransmitter activation.

The chemical also possesses antioxidant properties that help protect the brain from potentially harmful free radical poisons.

Improvements in mood, response speed, memory, and concentration are among the many advantages.

According to some data, citicoline may help protect against age-related mental deterioration.


L-theanine is a type of amino acid. Green tea is one of the best sources, but it’s also found in some mushrooms.

L-theanine has a soothing effect, making it beneficial for lowering anxiety and tension. However, unlike some other substances, it relaxes the mind without creating drowsiness, so there’s no need to be concerned about taking it early in the day.

L-theanine also boosts alpha wave activity, which aids in creativity.

Monnieri Bacopa

Bacopa monnieri is a perennial herb that has been used in traditional Indian medicine for centuries.

Because of the herb’s capacity to boost memory retention and facilitate better thinking, it has become a popular nootropic supplement.

According to the findings of one research, which included 76 adult volunteers, the plant dramatically boosted the capacity to recall new knowledge.

According to follow-up studies, bacopa monnieri reduces the rate of losing newly learned knowledge.

Rosea Rhodiola

Rhodiola rosea is a plant that acts as an adaptogen. Rhodiola rosea, like similar adaptogens such as ginseng (also a popular nootropic), ginkgo biloba, is extremely effective at relieving anxiety and stress.

The herb also increases dopamine (the happy hormone), allowing you to achieve an even better frame of mind.

Furthermore, rhodiola rosea seems to improve mental attention by acting as a norepinephrine booster. It’s a solid all-arounder with exceptional cognitive assistance.

GPC (Alpha GPC)

Alpha GPC is a plant component with powerful nootropic properties. It increases memory and mental attention, among other things.

Although its benefits as a memory enhancer have yet to be completely utilised elsewhere in the globe, alpha GPC is a major component in many European prescription drugs for Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

According to research, alpha GPC may possibly be useful as a dementia therapy.

Researchers pitted alpha GPC against another nootropic with comparable characteristics in a 90-day trial involving 120 persons with vascular dementia (cytidine diphosphocholine). Both substances improved word fluency and other psychometric tests, but alpha GPC came out on top.

Extract of Maritime Pine Bark

For thousands of years, people in Mediterranean nations have used maritime pine bark extract for medical purposes. Traditional applications include relieving asthma symptoms and improving circulation.

Because of the ingredient’s potential to increase circulation, it is beneficial for increasing blood flow to the brain. The brain, like other organs in the body, relies on blood to supply it with vital nutrients, energy, and oxygen, all of which are required for optimal cognitive function.

Maritime bark extract, in addition to improving circulation, contains a potent complex of proanthocyanidin antioxidants that cross the blood-brain barrier and neutralize the damaging effects of free radical toxins.

Proanthocyanidins found in maritime bark relax blood vessels in the brain. This improves cerebral circulation even more, improving the formulation’s brain-boosting advantages.


L-tyrosine is a versatile amino acid that the body uses in a variety of ways. It utilizes L-tyrosine to make dopamine, noradrenaline, and other essential neurotransmitters, among other things.

L-evident tyrosine’s nootropic advantages include reduced tension and anxiety, as well as increased mental concentration.

N-acetyl L-tyrosine is a form of L-tyrosine seen in several nootropic products (NAT). Although other forms are effective, NAT is considerably simpler to absorb and has a higher efficacy.

Ashwagandha is a potent adaptogen plant that may be found in a variety of products, including sports supplements, diet tablets, and male potency boosters.

Ashwagandha, like other adaptogens, may help with stress and anxiety. It also works nicely as a memory booster.

The ability of ashwagandha to aid in the repair and renewal of axons and dendrites in the brain contributes to its effectiveness as a memory enhancer. It also helps with memory and recall by enhancing choline activity in the brain.

Claw of the Cat

Cat’s claw is derived from a plant found in the Amazon jungle. It is high in antioxidants, which have neuroprotective properties.

Cat’s claw has antispasmodic properties, making it a potential treatment for Parkinson’s disease.

It also boosts cognitive function and general brain health.

Why Is It Important to Read Customer Reviews on Nootropic Pills and Brain Supplements?

Best Nootropics and Brain Supplements in 2022  Extended Research  Studies

Customer reviews are a vital source of information while looking for decent nootropic goods. They are based on first-hand experience and explain the advantages and disadvantages of various items. Reading user reviews may also help you determine whether or not a product has any adverse effects.

All of the items on our list of the best natural brain boosters have received rave reviews from customers. None of them have a history of generating negative effects, and they all do what they’re supposed to do.

What Are the Prices of the Best Nootropics?

A good nootropic supplement should cost no more than $80. (30-day supply). All of the best options are less expensive, so there is no justification for the greedy manufacturers who demand more.

How Do You Pick the Best Nootropic?

Before you pick a certain nootropic substance, you should sit down and consider the kind and range of advantages you expect to gain. The next step is to compare the capabilities of various nootropic products and select the one that is best suited to your requirements.

Our best nootropic supplements list includes four excellent options, with Noocube likely being the best choice for many people. It cannot be beaten in terms of potency or price.

People with particularly specialized demands, on the other hand, may find one of the other possibilities more appealing. For example, if you work in a high-pressure business setting, Hunter burn will be an obvious choice. If you require a simpler tool to improve mental attention, Performance Lab Mind may be a better option.

Final Thoughts – Should You Use Nootropics and Brain Supplements?

Although not everyone needs the assistance of nootropic pills, many do. Some individuals seek out this sort of supplement because they are unable to work effectively under stress or because they wish to increase mental performance and memory. Others do so in order to gain an advantage at work or while studying.

The Best Nootropics can help with these and many other issues. Whatever your mental challenges are, there are nootropic supplements that can help.

However, it is critical to choose only goods made by trustworthy firms that employ high-quality components with proven abilities. It’s also a good idea to stay away from nootropics that are high in stimulants or include other substances that may create unwanted effects.

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