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If you experience sexual dissatisfaction, you’re not alone. As men and women age, hormone levels decline and many report a decrease in libido, as well as vaginal dryness, erectile dissatisfaction and more.

Dr. Mia Cowan, the founder of MiBella Wellness Center, teaches women and men to “Live Well, Age Well and Experience Everlasting Intimacy.” She said many patients don’t realize that though these changes associated with aging are natural, they can be treated. Many of her patients have been told by other doctors that sexual dissatisfaction is just part of growing older.

“It’s a new conversation, and nobody has ever really focused on sexual health, for the aging man and woman, including sexual satisfaction,” she said. “But people need to know, you live longer when you engage in intimacy, like 5 years longer. Women and men who engage in intimacy that they enjoy are healthier and happier.”

Dr. Cowan works with her husband, Joseph W. Brown Jr., who is the CEO and Male Intimacy Consultant at MiBella. Together, they focus on total wellness and its relationship to intimacy. “You can’t have everlasting intimacy without total wellness,” she said.

She starts by getting lab work done for her patients and looking at hormone levels, as well as getting a thorough history of all symptoms.

“As you grow older, your hormone levels decrease,” she said. “Sexual dissatisfaction can also be caused by decreased blood flow to the genitals which can cause pain with intercourse for women and erectile dissatisfaction for men.” Once she has received lab work, and performed a thorough history and exam, she comes up with a customized treatment plan to improve hormone balance, total wellness and sexual function.

This customized plan includes hormone pellet therapy, weight management, supplements, and other intimacy solutions. Our intimacy solutions include vaginal rejuvenation, the O-wave and P-wave, as well as stem cell, the P-shot and the O-shot.  By combining all of these solutions into a total wellness system our patients notice an improvement in sexual function, energy, focus, libido, mood and weight management.

“We also recommend supplements, and proper screenings for both men and women, to prevent and treat disease.  It is necessary to also focus on healthy weight management to improve overall health. We understand that to truly improve your health and sexual function we must focus on teaching our patients to live a lifestyle of total wellness.”

Many people come in looking for a miracle pill, but unfortunately there is not a magic pill, however, we can teach you to live a lifestyle of total wellness and help you get back to your younger self.

Dr. Mia and Joseph also have a free, downloadable e-book on their website called “25 Secrets to Everlasting Intimacy.” You can download this book at

For more information on how to take charge of your intimacy and total wellness, contact MiBella Wellness Center today to arrange a consultation.


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