Children’s Day special: Little millet tacos for your picky little one


I have seen many parents being worried about the nutritional intake of their kids. They want protein-rich, iron-rich meal plans. But, if the intention is to bring good food to the table, it is necessary to present it in the best form, without mentioning what all has gone into the making of the colourful food.

While we celebrate kids today, here is a to-do list for all parents:

1. Let kids be kids.
2. It’s okay to indulge them with some cheat meals once a while. Keep bringing seasonal and local ingredients.
3. When you try to sneak-in good ingredients, do not break the ice!
4. Silence is golden.
5. Love your little ones when they are mindful about their candies and chocolates.
6. Do try this recipe and improvise with ingredients available locally.

As we reach week 3 of the 10-week millet journey, many mothers have become ecstatic with the range of millet meals. Be it stuffed idlis, gluten-free garlic bread with millets, brownies with sourdough discard, millet noodles or stuff like tacos. I tell them beetroot, raw turmeric, pumpkin and greens are some of the essential ingredients that they must sneak-in while preparing healthy meals with millets.

This Children’s Day, I decided to share this recipe with you, so that the next time your little one asks for something exotic, you will know exactly what to prepare.


Ingredients (makes 12 tacos)

· 1.5 cup little millet cooked in beetroot pumpkin puree
· Leftover greens (I used cooked mustard leaves, sarson da saag)
· Salad with some lacto-fermented amla grated
· 2 tbsp cornmeal
· Salt to taste
· Oil to season the griddle
· Leftover hummus or any dip (can be a cheesy dip, too)
· Lettuce leaves


1. To make the tacos, I cooked the little millet in beetroot pumpkin puree, because kids are picky about highly nutritious vegetables.

2. I added cornmeal to the cooked millet and then kneaded it into a smooth dough. Then, I divided it into 12 equal parts.

3. With the help of a parchment paper, I rolled out one part by gentle tapping, allowing it to cook from both sides on a well-seasoned cast iron griddle.

4. Next, I assembled a taco. I tried to sneak-in all the goodness with seasonal veggies and leftover hummus. Refer to the video attached.

5. I grilled some chillies for the two of us, while my daughter enjoyed them with a gentle drizzle of cheese on top. All in all, we had a good time with great food.

Always remember:

* Offer children a variety of fruits and vegetables every day. Involve them in your kitchen space. It helps them value food.

* The variety of fruit and vegetables eaten is more important than the amount. Diversity is the key for their developing gut flora.

* Children’s serving sizes may be small and will depend on age, appetite and activity levels. Never force your kids for specific foods. Always bring good health to their favourite foods.

* Think of innovative ways when kids get bored of monotonous meals.

(Shalini Rajani is a millet coach, the founder of Crazy Kadchi, and holds innovative Millets Cooking Workshops for all age groups.)

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