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BEAT CANCER KITCHEN — Chris Wark, who beath colon cancer by massively changing his life, shares a tasty recipe from his hew cookbook.

VITAMIN D — Check your levels of Vitamin D and ensure that you have optimal levels of this important vitamin.

EARTHING — Therapists experienced significant increases in energy and significant decreases in fatigue, depressed mood, tiredness and pain while grounded as compared to not being grounded.

SURFING IN SANTA CRUZ COUNTY — In 1885, three Hawaiian princes — David Kawananakoa, Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana’ole, and Edward Keli’iahonui — arrived in California and introduced surfing to the world beyond Hawaii.

HOW ADEN CURY LOST 40 POUNDS IN 5 MONTHS — Aden Cury changed what he ate and lost 40 lbs. last year. At 200 lbs. he’s stronger. Here’s his story.

GETTING FIT & STAYING FIT — There are many exercise options, from aerobics to yoga. Before you start on your fitness journey do some exploring and find one that works.

SHROOMS HEALTHIER THAN YOU MAY KNOW — An often under-appreciated food, mushrooms have been eaten and used as medicine for thousands of years.

VITAMIN C AND INFANTS — You would be surprised by the overwhelming health benefits that Vitamin C provides young children.

DELIGHT YOUR TASTEBUDS WITH THIS FESTIVE DISH — This recipe is from Chris and Micah Wark’s new cookbook, Beat Cancer Kitchen: Delicious Plant-Based anticancer recipes.

BERRY YOURSELF IN NUTRITION — Eat a handful of berries and you will be rewarded with a burst of sweetness in your mouth.

MORE THAN THE SUNSHINE VITAMIN — The advent of the winter season is marked by a deficiency of Vitamin D due to less outdoor activities resulting in poor exposure to the sun’s UV rays.

HEALING OPTIONS A TO Z — If you are on a journey to heal from breast cancer, you have many options. Since 2018, I have taken advantage of all of these.

RAISING CHILDREN ISN’T EASY — Raising healthy children to become confident and capable is one of the most important and rewarding — but often most undervalued jobs in society.

SELF-COMPASSION ACTUALLY GOOD FOR HEART HEALTH — Despite what skeptics say, being kind to oneself is not a fad-and there is research to back it up.

KEEPING TEETH HEALTHY — Achieving healthy teeth takes a lifetime of care. It is crucial to take the right steps every day to take care of them and prevent problems.

AYURVEDA 101 — Finding the right path toward optimal health and wellness can be challenging. Every day, another “new secret to weight loss” or a new thousand-dollar treatment offers to end your suffering and make you look younger, skinnier, more radiant.

DIRECTORY — Check out the directory to get all the current information on contacting a business that interests you.  … and much more!

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