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Carla Clingerman

Carla Clingerman has gone through several health challenges during her health journey. But she is most grateful for her added endurance following her weight loss and lifestyle changes. 

A local Concord woman is spreading a positive healthy living message after losing 144 pounds over eight years, all while battling type 2 diabetes, hypothyroidism and throat cancer.

Carla Clingerman, 56, started her healthy lifestyle journey in 2012 after a trip to the doctor’s office where she was surprised by the number on the scale.

“When I saw that 297 pounds, I said, okay, I need to get it off,” Clingerman explained.

But there were other health matters that concerned Clingerman. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism — a condition in which someone isn’t producing enough thyroid hormone.

Hypothyroidism can affect a person’s metabolism and can cause sudden weight gain.

She wanted to not only lose weight but form different habits. 

To get started on her journey, Clingerman set a size goal instead of a weight goal. She started at a size 20 pant and is now in a size 6.

In addition to starting an exercise plan, Clingerman said she also focused on her approach to food. The type 2 diabetes diagnosis had already prompted changes to Clingerman’s diet.

By 2016, Clingerman said she still hadn’t met her weight goals but had lost about 80 pounds. She decided to join the Planet Fitness location in Concord to get a better idea on how to exercise.


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