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One of the biggest reasons why we often end up eating unhealthy meals or order takeaways is because it is so fast and convenient.

Let’s face it, no one feels like prepping and cooking a healthy meal after a long day at the office and two hours in traffic.

So, we end up either ordering a pizza, a burger or anything else that will be delivered within the hour. Other times we just throw some chicken schnitzels and chips in the oven, something quick and easy that doesn’t require us to spend too much time in the kitchen.

If you, like many other South Africans, vowed to lose weight and live healthier this year, chances are you will hit a stumbling block sooner or later when the year really kicks off.

At the moment, your will to follow through with your New Year’s resolution is still strong, but once you feel that self-discipline fading away, it would be wise to have a back-up plan in place so you can continue on your weight loss journey.

And we found the perfect Plan B for you.

Daily Dish could be the saving grace you need to follow through with your healthy eating journey this year, and the answer to saving money and calories.   

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So, what exactly is Daily Dish?

Daily Dish is a dinner box company that delivers weekly pre-portioned dinner boxes to your door.

They were actually the first dinner kit company in South Africa, founded by Diane De Villiers in September 2012.

In October 2019, DayToDay – also a meal kit company – merged with Daily Dish. DayToDay was founded in October 2015, by Capetonians Geir and Sissel Tellefsen.

The couple saw a gap in the market after being exposed to meal kit companies in Scandinavia.

They were inspired by their own needs to provide healthy and convenient dinner kits to families and couples who work hard and are pressed for time, but want to eat healthy and great-tasting food that is quick and easy to make, but still well balanced.

Daily Dish is now owned and managed by Geir and Sissel Tellefsen.

Daily Dish menu options

For maximum flexibility and affordability, you can choose from various meal plans including family, carb conscious and vegetarian, as well as between having three or four meals in your dinner box every week.

You can also choose if you would like the box to cater for one, two or four people.

Prices range from R500 per week for an Express Dinner box for one, to R1 220 a week for a family of four.

Dish and menu selections are changed on a weekly basis, so you don’t have to worry about getting the same recipes week in and week out.

Click here to view the meal plans and pricing options.

Use promo code THECITIZEN to get up to R250 off on your first order!

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Our take on Daily Dish

I tried the Carb Conscious meal plan for two people for a week, and I have to admit that I loved how convenient it was to prepare dinner every evening.

The best part of the Daily Dish dinner kit is the fact that I didn’t have to think about what I was making for dinner, as the recipes are already planned out in advance by Daily Dish’s in-house recipe developer and chef, Chef Gino Sedres.

Each recipes’ ingredients are packaged separately, with stickers indicating which day of the week the ingredients are for. The dinner box also comes with a sleeve of recipes for you to follow.

So, all you do when it’s time to prepare dinner is grab the specific day’s brown packet from the fridge, find your recipe and start cooking. All the ingredients are also already measured out for you, including spices, so you don’t even have to worry about that.

The dishes took about 45 minutes to prepare, which isn’t a lot of time in the kitchen after a hectic day at the office.

Plus, the flavours were delicious and the portions generous.

Daily Dish also offers an Express meal option, with recipes taking 30 minutes or less to prepare, if you still feel that 45 minutes is too long to prepare a healthy meal.


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