CrossFit legend Mat Fraser’s home gym is giving me serious workout space envy


Setting up a home gym is equal parts pleasure and pain. It’s pleasurable because who doesn’t like the feeling when boxes of new gym equipment arrive and pain because you have to assemble those things which can be a real pain in the neck. And if you’re Mat Fraser, the process of setting up your home gym can take a looooong time.

Mat Fraser is the first (and currently the only) athlete to have won five CrossFit Games titles. And not just any games but five consecutively ones, from 2016-2020. Now that he’s retired from competing, he has a bit more time to do different things than just working out all day every day, like building his new home gym.

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As you’d expect from a guy who’s endorsed by companies such as Nike, Rouge and Theragun, Mat’s home gym is more extensive than an average Joe’s garage gym. For instance, he has a custom rig set up that fits the room perfectly. However, as Mat explains, the rig “showed up with not a lot of instructions and it took three days just to figure out where everything went.” A problem we all wish we had!

Mat Fraser home gym tour

(Image credit: Mat Fraser)

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