Daily Bread Mailbag: Ryan Garcia, Thurman-Ennis, Fundora-Lubin, Canelo


The Daily Bread Mailbag returns with Stephen “Breadman” Edwards tackling topics such as Ryan Garcia’s decision to change trainers, Sebastian Fundora vs Erickson Lubin, Jaron Ennis vs. Keith Thurman, Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook, and more.

What do you think of Ryan Garcia’s trainer switch? Do you think Garcia will make out better or worse with Goosen instead of Reynoso? I thought he was doing great with Reynos. Do you think it could have been Canelo’s criticism of him?

Bread’s Response: Ryan Garcia said Eddy Reynoso was busy so let’s just take his word. I think Joe Goossen is a great trainer. And I think Eddy Reynoso is a great trainer. Obviously they’re different. Goossen is a hard old school trainer, who believes in lots of heavybag and double end bag work. Reynoso seems to be more pad work orientated. So that’s a difference. Goossen doesn’t have the same size stable he once had, and Reynoso has a big stable. So maybe Goossen can give Garcia a more watchful eye. I don’t want to compare who will do better with Garcia because it’s not fair to either trainer. What if Garcia has to fight Loma and Tank with Goossen and let’s say he loses those fights. Well it wouldn’t be fair to Goossen if someone tries to criticize him and says Garcia was undefeated with Reynoso because the level of competition changed and was more difficult with Goossen. I am in the position of let’s see what happens. Often times the fighter is looking for something that has more to do with him than it does the trainer. Fighters are a unique species. I wouldn’t criticize Goossen one bit if this doesn’t work out. We have no idea what Garcia is going through at this point in his career and how he will be matched. 

Offensively I think Garcia is one of the more talented guys to come along in quite some time. His punches have a unique whip to them. Reminiscent of a mix of Oscar De La Hoya and Sugar Ray Robinson. But that’s just one aspect of the game. I’m talking strictly delivering punches. Garcia is as ELITE as you will see. But there is so much more to boxing. I don’t think his defensive instincts are has good as his offensive punch delivery. When I watch him fight I always get the feeling that he can be clipped over the top. Just a guy feeling. Im sure the great Joe Goosen sees some flaws. So let’s see if Goosen can work on the “other” things that he brings. Mental and Physical toughness. Let’s see if they can enhance his defensive instincts. Let’s see. I am very intrigued. I hold Goosen in high esteem as a person and trainer. And I love watching Garcia knock fighters out. He’s a beautiful puncher. Let’s see if they can put it all together.

What’s up Bread,  

I wanted to know your take on the upcoming Sebastian Fundora vs Erickson Lubin fight. I’ve been watching Fundora fight since he was a little kid and a couple of our amateur kids fought him. At first glance we thought “get inside on this tall skinny kid and beat his body and fold him up”. Big mistake. Our kids tried that and got beat up. Trying to get inside and rough him up feeds right into what he wants. He can fight on the inside. Teofimo Lopez beat him in the amateurs by fighting him on the outside and forcing him to lead and countering him with clean shots and getting back outside. Fundora is not as good gauging his own distance coming forward being the lead as opposed to you coming right to him. Do you think Lubin can fight a disciplined fight from the outside or will he fall into the trap of trying to go inside and out man Fundora?

Also what’s your pick if Boots Ennis fought Thurman? Thurman’s lateral movement while throwing bombs could present problems.

Always great reading your mailbags.

Bread’s Response: Man your comment is fascinating. So you think the way to beat Fundora is let him lead and counter him. I will not disagree one bit because I have came up with gameplans that worked but were unconventional due to body type and reputation. So I would never call a game plan stupid or say it wouldn’t work. The one thing I will say is that it really depends on your fighter. Some fighters can pull off unconventional gameplans. Some can’t.I love this match up with Lubin vs Fundora. I was thinking that Lubin wouldn’t so much come forward. But stand in the middle of the storm and fire and go for a ko. I have a theory on extraordinarily tall athletes and fighters. The further your brain is away from your limbs, the longer it takes for the limbs to get the signal from the brain. It’s why shorter players, play the more skill positions because naturally they’re more coordinated. So reach is important but coordination is equally as important. 

Also they usually have really long arms and if you stay in eye of the storm, you can beat the taller fighter’s hands back in place. So I figured with Lubin’s violent temperament that he would stand in the storm and go for the ko. But I won’t discredit your first hand experience. That’s why fighters have training camps. Because even if the gameplan is not working you have to execute drills to overcome. Lubin is definitely talented enough to box. We just have to see if he needs to box. I see so many scenarios in this fight. I’ve seen Fundora outboxed before. Jahmontay Clark outboxed him and probably deserved that decision and no one remembers. Sergio Garcia had great fitness and was able to hustle and grind with Fundora. Fundora is a tall task but he’s far from unbeatable. He’s a 6’6 southpaw who fights at 154lbs so that makes him difficult. Now he’s going to have to prove if he’s GOOD. But I don’t want to be overly critical of Fundora either. He has some strong points. He seems to have a really good chin. He seems physically strong. He has a good gas tank. And his short game is nice. His right hook, left uppercut combo is money. He reminds me a little bit of a Paul Williams and Antonio Margarito. He doesn’t jab as much as Williams and he’s not as light on his feet, but he works like him. He also comes down hill like Marg. But we don’t know if he’s as good as either. 

I feel like Lubin is one of the 5 most talented offensive fighters in boxing. He has serious firepower. Lubin needs some elite opponents in front of him so we can see how good he is at this point. I forgive him for the Charlo ko loss. He took it well and he’s not gun shy in his approach. But it is fair to wonder how his chin will hold up. He was stunned bad by Jeison Rosario in what didn’t seem to be a hard shot. He was also hurt by Terrell Gausha in what didn’t seem to be a hard shot. I remember he was dropped earlier in his career by a non descript fighter. It was sort of dismissed. Now it’s something to ponder. I don’t know if it’s a concentration thing. I don’t know if he has a weak spot in a certain area. But it is something that has happened often enough to consider when you analyze one of his fights. This fight may come down to something very simple. Can Lubin hurt Fundora and make Fundora respect his power? If he can then he should win in my opinion. But it becomes harder to make fighters respect your firepower when they know if they can get to you, they can win. 

Fighters fought Zab Judah more determined after the Kostya Tszyu fight. Fighters fought George Foreman more determined after the Ali fight. Fighters fought Donald Curry more determined after the Lloyd Honeyghan fight. Fighters fought Miguel Cotto more determined after the Margarito fight. All of these fighters were tremendous offensive fighters who had their best shots taken and once they were on the other side, they had tough nights. The biggest example of this in recent years is Jorge Linares. He’s as talented as a fighter as you will see. But even journeyman fight him hard because they know if they can get past his skill, they have a good chance to beat him. 

It doesn’t mean Lubin won’t be a great fighter. I think he can be. He’s just going to have to earn it because his opponents have seen him in enough trouble to know it’s not a coincidence. If Lubin can’t hurt Fundora. The next question will be is his disciplined enough to score points and not get stopped himself. I think he is because he boxed a disciplined fight vs Nathaniel Gallimore. But Fundora is better and younger than Gallimore. Fundora is going to be very determined to win this fight. Lubin wants to be a world champion bad and he’s had to wait a long time to get back on this stage. He got his title shot in 2017. I expect both of these young men to fight their hearts out. I expect them both to most likely fight over their heads. Younger fighters, fight harder in these spots. They don’t make millionaire silent agreements. Whoever wins, will EARN it.

I won’t pick anyone from 147-160 to beat Boots right now. I’m not saying he can beat everyone but until further notice I won’t pick against him. The top level will reveal what he is. Boots vs Thurman is a great match up. You brought up Thurman’s movement but the deciding factor to me is can Thurman handle Boots’s jab. Boots has a snappy constant jab and he’s very long. He snaps it from both sides and he has a good walk down game in which he will need vs Thurman. I love the match up but I don’t know if we will get it. 

Ssup Bread,

How does a prime Oscar and Tito do against a prime Terry Norris?



Bread’s Response: You know both of those fights were proposed and almost happened. When Tito and Norris were both with Don King, there were talks of it but Norris wound up leaving King and going to Top Rank. Then while with Top Rank Norris had the Oscar fight but he lost to Keith Mullings if my memory serves me correctly. I have watched Tito, Oscar and Norris throughout their primes. If you watch Norris closely, you know that Terry Norris with the High Top Fade and the designs in his hair is better than Bald headed Terry Norris. So prime Terry Norris is the one that fight Meldrick Taylor, Ray Leonard and Donald Curry. So during the time that the fights were proposed I think Norris was still in his prime but past his APEX. 

Tito and Oscar’s primes were during when the fights were proposed and they lasted a little longer. Norris is actually just as good as both. Norris is as talented a fighter as you will see. People talk about Roy Jones, but if you watch a prime Terry Norris, his talent is comparable to Jones. The blend of athleticism and talent is unreal. Norris could have been a major league baseball player. Norris lost two fights as a young rising contender. One by decision and one by DQ. That’s his flaw. His ability wasn’t inconsistent. But his results and chin keep Norris from being on Mt. Rushmore. Norris lost 3 fights by DQ and I can think of two more that he could have lost by DQ. I don’t know what was wrong with him. But he had a counterproductive rage. 

For example against Ray Leonard, he dropped Leonard then ran across the ring and punched him in the head while he was down. If Leonard was the type of fighter to milk things like that, Norris would have lost that fight by DQ. He lost to Luis Santana twice by DQ which is unheard of. Twice in a row! Those losses really separate the two careers of Norris. His 10 title defenses of his WBC belt in the early 90s before Simon Brown kod him. And then when he unified in the mid 90s after the Santana DQ when he had a bald head. My guts tell me this is more than just a coincidence. Not being able to control yourself to the point where Norris was will harm you in more ways than just being DQ. 

I am reasonably sure that Tito was just too heavy handed for Norris. At some point I feel like Tito would hit Norris high on the head with a left hook and knock his equilibrium off and stop him in a great fight. Oscar is more of a sharp puncher at 154 but not as heavy as Tito. Norris would have a good chance at beating Oscar. Norris was just as sharp, just as fast and probably a better puncher at 154. His stamina was also better. I could see Norris giving Oscar fits similar to the way Shane Mosley did in their 1st fight and even Oba Carr to a lesser extent. Norris is a better boxer than both. So for arguments sake let’s say Norris and Oscar split fights.


I hope you’re doing well! Your mailbag is a real treat every week – I love it! Thank you very much for giving such thoughtful feedback! I have some questions….can you include them in this week’s mailbag? I’d be really grateful if so!1. I read that Brendan Ingle used to have his boxers spar with only body punching – no head punching (or a limited amount). He’d also have them spar in prisons (allow the prisoners to hit his boxers, but not vice versa. Have you crossed paths with any trainers who had unorthodox training methods? It’s interesting reading about the guys who are successful using out of the ordinary methods.2. I’ve read that some old-time trainers (this probably goes back to at least the 1940s, may even be the 1920s) used to have their boxers train with wrestling some – helps with in-fighting. Are there any specific sports you’ve seen that have really helped boxers? I imagine that lots of sports can help in different ways, just curious for your take on it.3. What are your thoughts on making boxing safer? Referees stopping bouts earlier? Longer forced layoffs after knockouts? Again, thank you for what you do with the mailbag!!


Bread’s Response: Thank you.

1. I don’t think anything is out of the ordinary. So I would have to say no. Cus D’mato once said if you tell a fighter that eating nails will make him stronger and if he believes that the nails will make him stronger, then they actually will. As long as the fighter believes in the methods, they will work for the most part. I will however, tell about some interesting things I have seen or heard. 

I once that Vasili Jirov’s trainer used to make him run through hallways with dogs chained to the radiators. And he would also get thrown in the middle of shark infested waters and he would have to swim his way out. Not sure how true that is, but I found it interesting. I also heard Ann Wolfe say she used to make James Kirkland spar multiple people at the same time. He also used to have to dig up dirt and hit a heavybag attached to a truck while doing his road work, I thought that was awesome.

2. Wrestling is a huge help to fighters. It fatigues the body differently. I actually have used a wrestling coach and it really worked. I loved the results. I also believe dancing helps a fighter. It helps the footwork and rhythm. It can be formal dance. Jazz. Ballet etc. But dancing is very helpful.

3. Boxers already get suspended when they lose by ko. Often times for 90 days. I really don’t think we can make the sport safer and it still be boxing. If we give a fighter too much time after he’s knocked down or hurt, then it takes away the advantage of the fighter who earned the knockdown. This is a dangerous sport. The fighters know what they signed up for. I’m not a fan of what seems to be a sobriety check after a fighter is dropped. Once he gets up I feel like he should be closely evaluated. Asked to step forward. Asked is he ok and depending on his answers and actions the fight is either stopped or allowed to continue. 

Boxing needs improvement but I do think it’s as safe as it’s going to get and still be boxing. I just watched a fight where Larry Holmes was critically hurt by Earnie Shavers. In this era, Holmes may have lost that fight on being stopped. Arturo Gatti may not be Arturo Gatti if he fights in this era. And as much as I don’t like saying what I’m about to say. I have to. It’s nothing worse than a premature inconclusive stoppage. Fighters who are true finishers will earn the stoppage. But finishing is an unknown skill that most fighters don’t have. I don’t like to assume that just because a fighter is hurt, he’s finished. The fighter who hurt him, has to show many things to get the ko. Punch selection, killer instinct. He also has to show the ability to get his 2nd wind if he doesn’t score the stoppage he was looking for. 

Hi Breadman,

I’m a bit late with the email but I was just interested in your take on the a couple of fights over the next couple of weeks. Khan vs Brook – It’s funny when a fight gets announced and nobody is interested because the fight that should have taken place years ago. Then when the fight gets closer everyone gets drawn into the occasion. I’m looking forward to it more than I expected. I see Brook winning this early, within 6 but possibly within the first couple of rounds. I don’t think Khan has the same mindset for this one as brook. Also having a coach that called you a quitter recently wouldn’t fill me with confidence but we shall see. Taylor vs Catterall – Taylor is my favorite active fighter and its hard to see past him. I expect a tough first few rounds here though. I think Catterall will target the body after seeing the success Ramirez had.

What’s your thoughts? Disappointed to see Castano injured, that was a great fight.

Thanks for your time as always. 

Bread’s Response: That’s how fights are with big names that are past their sell by date. The public didn’t ask for them but as it gets closer the event becomes intriguing. I feel like this about Khan vs Brook. Both have been kod several times since there was first talk of this fight. Both are in their mid 30s and past their best days. But let me tell you something. Going by recent form Brook seems to have an edge. Brook was sharp vs Crawford and fighting a very good fight. Crawford hit Brook with one of the most underrated perfect punches I have seen. No one talks about it because they view Brook as past it. But Brook was looking good vs Crawford. A lot better than Khan did. They both lost but performance level does count. 

I have always felt that Brook was just a better fighter. Khan may be a better athlete but I feel Brook is a better fighter. More sound fundamentals. Better IQ. Better technique. Better balance. It’s more to boxing than athleticism. But there is an X factor in this fight. Bo Mac and Red Spikes. Terence Crawford’s training team. If they can tap into Khan and get the best out of him I feel like he may be able to pull it off. I don’t have a pick but I think it’s going to be a great fight. Khan and Brook don’t like each other and with so much pride on the line for this one look for them both to fight as hard as possible. Brook has always had trouble making 147lbs. And Khan, is well Khan. Plenty of heart. Plenty of athleticism. Plenty of speed. But plenty of mistakes. Khan is one of the easiest fighters I have ever seen to set a trap for.

Taylor is also one of my favorite fighters. And Ben Davidson is one of my favorite trainers. I expect Taylor to win but I don’t know if he will set the world on fire. Often times after career best wins and performances, fighters have a sort of come back to earth fight. I suspect this may be one for Taylor. So let’s say Taylor by UD 116-112 in clear but not spectacular performance. I am also disappointed to see Castano get hurt. They have been trying to unify all 4 belts at 154 since 2018 and either the favorite loses or someone gets hurt or you have a draw. And with fights taking 8= months to make it just keeps the hex going. 

What do you think of the lack of hiring of the black coaches in the NFL? And how does it relate to boxing? 

Bread’s Response: Good question. First off comparing the NFL to boxing is apples and oranges. A fighter hires a trainer in boxing. You work for the fighter. He pays you. In the NFL the owner and team hires a coach. The NFL coach has much more power over the players than a boxing trainer has over a fighter because the dynamic is different. In boxing I do think that coaches of other races get more recognition for achievements by the media. I also believe they get more passes for indiscretions of their fighters. 

As for the NFL. I don’t want to speak on the hiring of black coaches until I do more research. Often times we talk before we research and we should make it a habit to research before we talk. So before I start spouting off numbers I want to do proper research. I also would like to add that, Eric Bieninemy the Offensive Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs deserves a job somewhere. That man has consistently put together one of the best offenses we have ever seen for the last 4 years and he’s still an assistant. I hope he gets a head coaching job, somewhere very soon.

 I also would like to say personally I don’t want a job because I’m black. I want a job because I earned it. I hate to see token jobs being given out and the coach gets put on a short leash and he’s fired within a couple of years. I don’t like the dynamic of a token hire. But let me research and I will answer this better at a later time.

Two questions for you , I’ll lump them together and hope I get it out in time. Question 1: Saw that apparently the most likely opponent for Kambosos’s first defense is Lomachenko. What do you think of that from both sides? What would be your game plans for both fighters?Question 2: In past mailbags, you’ve debunked and dismissed boxing myths that some folks think are true. But I’m curious if there are truths in boxing that folks think are myths. If so, what are they?

Greg K.

Bread’s Response: 1. I think Kambosos gets FOREVER GUN STATUS if he fights Loma in his 1st title defense. Loma is Loma. I’ve always believed he was a great fighter. That’s what greats usually do. If I’m Kambosos I try to keep the fight at long range and more importantly keep Loma in front of me. Kambosos may have to throw HERD punches to sort of line Loma up. Marquez used to throw a wide left hook to Pacman’s body just to consistently line him up for his right hand. Sounds simple but it’s NOT.

If Loma gets off to the side of you, you’re in trouble. You also don’t want Loma getting rhythm in the mid range or inside. If I’m Loma I get my rhythm as early as possible. Beware of Kambosos right hand. And try to get cooking early so the judges don’t do to me what they did to Pacquiao when he fought Jeff Horne. I would also like to see Loma get to Kambosos body early. Loma just didn’t put enough hurt on Lopez early in that fight to wear him out enough late. Body shots do the trick.

Truths in boxing that some think are myths. Wow what a question! Let’s see…..George Foreman really carried a calf. I can’t think of any more off the top of my head.

I’m wondering if Ortiz come from behind victory over Martin was KO of the year? That one shot BUZZED him! That victory was sweeter than Wilder/Fury 3, given King Kong’s age no? Had to be. Or maybe, Alycia Baumgardner (shades of Anne Wolfe). Terri Harper got got. People disrespect Boxing by never including woman in the conversation. I’ve heard it said that KT is the Queen of gift decisions but she is #8 or 9 on my P4P list, Always. Scotland and Ireland representing. Also I feel this is the best time for boxing featuring international Champions. Australia is there as well. The Gypsies. Mexicans are represented as are Americans in Davis, Spence & Crawford.

Internationally you have the Monster & the Matrix. I’m needing a Canuck on this list, as an impossible underdog, I’ll be rooting for Lemeiux over Benevidez. Triple G has enough mettle to not get KO’d by Canelo in a third fight is my belief. He can go the distance but will loose badly on all scorecards. (One of my all-time favorites) Tim Bradley says Golovkin gets stopped, I don’t see it. I’ve read you rank his chin as #1, but compared to his age? And I see Alvarez stopping Bivol early on Kidney shots. No interest in Khan vs. Brook. But Brook has been in with the better opponents. He has the pedigree. Let’s see if those Orbital structure holds up. I feel he should not be fighting. Maybe vs. Kahn is okay in an exhibition, he can win on points with a jab. Boring.

Bread’s Response: Ortiz over Martin…..No that was a nice ko, but that wasn’t better than Gabe Rosado over Bek the Bully. I loved Alicia Baumgardner’s ko though. What a nasty counter right hand.

I personally think we shouldn’t mix Men and Women’s awards because they don’t fight each other. That’s a slippery slope and it’s just not something we should do. The Women deserve their own awards. They deserve their own P4P list. If we start putting them on the men’s P4P list then some brainiac will suggest men and women start fighting. IF you remember what happened to Lucia Rijker then you know what I’m talking about. 

Boxing is in a good place if these guys just didn’t take 8 months to make a big fight. Geez. 

Lemiuex over Benavidez. I seriously doubt that.

I agree with Tim Bradley. I think Canelo stops GGG this time. And if he doesn’t the beating will be severe. Canelo understands how to attack GGG at this point. And with the form he’s had at 168lbs and it being 4 ears since they fought. I’m scared for GGG. I think GGG has had the best chin of the last decade or so. His chin is every bit on the level of the great chins of recent time. Hagler, Chavez, Eubank, Toney, McCall, Tua, Holyfield, Sanchez, McCallum, Froch, Johnson and GGG. GGG has a tungsten chin but anybody can be stopped if they fight long enough. 

You think Canelo stops Bivol. I can see that. But I think Bivol will move and not engage much. Something tells me, Bivol doesn’t like being hit. No one does but some fighters have acceptance to it and they are very tough. It’s just something about an offensively talented fighter that keeps making boring fights. Usually there is a reason for that type of approach…..

Brook should beat Khan. But I want to see how Khan responds to his new training team.

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