DAYS Alum Trevor Donovan Talks Dogs


Trevor Donovan is busy shooting romantic feel-good films these days among working on other projects, however, he’ll always be Days of our Lives’ Jeremy Horton to soap fans. Followers of the actor on social media are familiar with his devotion to our four-legged friends.

Trevor Donovan Says Dogs Truly Are Man’s Best Friend

Soap Hub chatted with Trevor Donovan for this week’s installment of Wellness Wednesday about how important dogs are to people’s lives. Read on to get the scoop as to why Donovan feels that dogs truly are “man’s best friend.”

What does having a dog bring to people’s lives?
Trevor Donovan:
I got my bulldog [Tito] at a certain time in my life where it was fairly lonely and I was living by myself. Dogs bring a level of companionship and responsibility to your life. When you have one, you’re required to think of someone other than you. So, there’s a real benefit in that. Dogs, like children, are 100% dependent on you for their happiness, health, and longevity. It’s a form of responsibility that I think everyone should have to some degree or another. I’ve come home and had a little soul, this life waiting for you at home. There’s nothing better.

Did you grow up with animals?
Oh, yeah. We had at least two or three at a time. I lived kind of out in the mountains where we had horses, llamas, ducks, chickens, and geese. There were animals everywhere. We were taking care of all sorts of things.

Dogs love company – like other dogs – but if you only have room or finances for one, do you feel it’s okay for a person to get just one dog?
I think so. I think you also have to look into the breed and see what it requires. Different breeds require different levels of attention and exercise. I know since my bulldog has been getting older, having the younger dogs around has been huge. He can’t go for the big long walks like he used to because of his joints but he can sit in the house and play. That’s kind of his exercise. It’s kept him young mentally and [Laughs] he’s kind of the Alpha of the group, too. It’s about how you introduce the dogs to each other and the attention you give them. They can be nurtured into being buddies.

Are there any websites you recommend for people looking to explore more about getting a dog(s)?
There are shelters everywhere, especially in Los Angeles. Sadly, there are still kill shelters that put dogs down. I’d suggest researching those [online] and going to [kill shelters] first.

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