Downtown Evansville restaurants and businesses opening in 2022


Construction equipment sits at the site of the former 420 Main building in downtown Evansville Friday morning, Jan. 28, 2022. The block will house 5th & Main Tower holding apartments, shops, restaurants and offices as well as a park.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — When explosives brought down all 18 stories of the 420 Main building in November, it did more than change the Downtown Evansville skyline.

Officials believe it was addition by subtraction, too.

In a matter of seconds, Downtown shed thousands of square feet of unusable space. A smaller, new development on the tower’s block is expected to bring about 120 apartments, plus sidewalk-level businesses and an attractive corner park.

“Everybody is very engaged and looking at getting the site cleared, so we can get to next steps,” said Candace Chapman, executive director of the Downtown Evansville Development Corp.

But here’s the question everyone is asking: When will those next steps get underway?

Chapman said there’s no specific timeline. Labor shortages, equipment prices and inflation will have a say in when the 5th & Main project breaks ground.

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The property owner and developer is Domo Development. The company received state economic development tax credits to assist with financing. CenterPoint Energy is donating $1 million to the corner park and has secured its naming rights.

Karen Brake of Newburgh, Ind., right, talks with friend Kellar Stem of Evansville at River City Coffee + Goods in downtown Evansville Friday afternoon, Jan. 28, 2022.

The 5th & Main project and its promise of new housing is fueling renewed interest in Downtown among other developers, said Joshua Armstrong, president of the Downtown Evansville Economic Improvement District.

Restaurants that have recently joined the Downtown landscape are 2nd Language Ramen Kitchen and Birdie’s, which is part of The Rooftop restaurant.

Tiki on Main, which is the former Kevin’s Backstage Bar & Grill, has rebranded with expanded hours, and The Arcademie, an arcade and bar, recently added La Campriana as a food provider.


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