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Have you ever wondered why some people are more accomplished and lead greater lives than others? Innate talent is a plus, but with a positive mindset, clarity in your thoughts, words and actions, you can go further than you ever imagined.

Taking the time to design your best life is what creates winners. Many struggle with a lack of confidence about the decisions that we are making and oftentimes have thoughts of self-doubt about who we are and what we can accomplish. It’s time for you to feel more assertive and to have the confidence that you desire. How? Well, it’s simple; it begins with a little self-observation followed with deliberate focus on the type of life you want to create. By developing a habit of self-awareness and intentionally directing your thoughts and emotions to what you want, you can release the doubt and negative mind-trips that leave you feeling uncertain and denying yourself access to your authentic power and live your best life.

This worksheet, paired with the Begin Your Year with Flair masterclass, is designed to help you get clarity on the different areas of your life, such as lifestyle, relationships, financial and leadership spaces so that you can have a clear view of where you are seeking clarity. With this self-observation complete, you can explore the solutions that will work for you in transforming areas that need to be better aligned with the best expression of yourself.

Fill out the worksheet below as a guide to epic success for 2022 and beyond:


The components of lifestyle include the things outside of work that make you feel healthy, make your life feel full and allow you to create memorable experiences.

Health & Wellness

These include practices that lead to good health and longevity. This typically refers to the following:

• Eating and drinking habits

• Rest and sleep habits

• Positive mental health support

• Exercise and physical movement

• Sexual stimulation & activity

• Meditation, prayer or devotion

• Time spent with nature or outdoors

Use the following clarifying questions to examine where you want to improve.

1. What is your preferred physical wellness activity?

2. How often do you allow (schedule) yourself to practice your physical wellness?

3. How much time do you spend in quiet reflection or meditation?

4. How much rest are you getting?

5. How do you feel when you think about the amount of sleep you are allowing yourself to have?

6. How much water are you drinking compared to juice, soda, alcohol and coffee?

7. How do you feel when you think about this?

8. How often are you allowing yourself sexual satisfaction?

9. What are the thoughts you have about this aspect of yourself and your life?

10. What are you willing to start, stop or continue doing to improve your health and wellness?

Download the full worksheet and join the Begin Your Year With Flair masterclass hosted by Stacey Hines, and featuring Tiffany Lawson, today Sunday, January 23 at 1 p.m. Visit www.flairja.com/byywf-2022.


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