Every Sandra Bullock Movie Ranked Worst To Best


Bird Box” soared to the top of Netflix viewership charts days after it debuted, attracting a staggering 45 million viewers in the first week of its release. Such was its enormous impact that The Atlantic theorized the movie could be the newest blueprint for Netflix’s slate of programs.

Bullock portrays Malorie, an expectant mother who wants to be anything but. Her qualms have to be momentarily set aside as the apocalypse — in the form of monsters who terrorize you to the point of suicide — descends on the world. To see these creatures is to go mad, and Malorie and her found family of survivors have to blindfold themselves in order to live.

The film clicked with audiences more than it did with critics. The Atlantic described the movie as “thriving on mood, not details” — albeit it did find its “ghoulish set pieces” to be particularly striking. To that end, the movie leaves the audience blind to the appearance of these creatures; we never see them directly, only through illustrations. Since characters project their worst fears onto these monsters, it seems apt — and even more terrifying — to allow audiences to do the same.


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