Health & Life Coach Ravina Chandra Empowers Older Adults With Passion-Driven Transformative Coaching


According to recent studies, 90% of older adults want to ‘age in place,’ meaning they want to live at home as long as possible. However, many don’t know how to navigate or prepare for this chapter of their life. Author and certified coach Ravina Chandra provides meaningful guidance. She is on a mission to inspire independence, passion, purpose, and comfort at any age. Using 90-day transformative coaching programs, Ravina helps older adults remap their life journey and navigate challenges with insight and grace – enabling them to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

“Everyone deserves to live a vibrant life, no matter their age,” says Ravina.

Her coaching programs are tailored to dive deep into the underlying reasons for one’s roadblocks. She brings years of hands-on experience to her practice and combines it with her passion for helping older adults embrace aging.

With a Nursing degree and Functional Nutrition background, she uses a holistic approach with pragmatic insights and authentic mentorship to empower her clients to break free of limiting beliefs, making lasting changes to fulfill their goals. She shifts their perspective and encourages everyone to live their best life.

In Ravina’s first book, the #1 bestseller, The Art of Senior Dating, she inspires her readers to embark on new experiences and live a less isolated life. This comes with compelling insights from personal experience and a solution-oriented approach as the foundation for her Self-Confidence & Connections Program. Ravina helps older adults embrace a positive mindset and make honest self-assessments, so they feel empowered to build meaningful relationships.

Recently, Ravina has released a second book titled 101 Ways to Enjoy Retirement. It features unique hobbies and activities from around the world that potentially stimulate the mind and body. Settling into retirement can be surprisingly tricky, but this book inspires 101 pursuits to ponder and possibly pursue, enhancing retirement life. This book may even encourage you to research your next travel adventure.

Living a vibrant life is in reach no matter your age. Having the right mentor is all it takes to help you take that first step forward and turn it into positive momentum.

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About Ravina Chandra

Ravina Chandra is a certified health & life coach, aging-in-place specialist, and the founder of Simply You Habit Change & Lifestyle Coaching. Through her transformational coaching methods, Ravina helps older adults align their lifestyle with their passion so they can find balance in both mind and body. She enjoys writing on subjects related to older adults’ health and wellness. She has authored two books, the #1 bestseller, The Art of Senior Dating, and 101 Ways to Enjoy Retirement, with more to come.

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