Healthy Pet Connect launches its new platform to share pet home health data to a pet’s veterinarian to prevent disease.


A pets paw shaped like a heart inside a house with wifi streaming from chimney

Home pet health data to the vet

This is an app screenshot of different  shapes of a cat for pet parent to choose what their pet looks like

Body condition scoring is similar to BMI in people

This is a veterinary dashboard that has pictures of Spudge, the food & treats he eats and his weight loss trends, medical and pet parent notes.

Spudge who was a 37 lb cat has lost over 15 lbs using the HPC system while being fostered in Bug’s Cat Gym

Affordable pet parent subscriptions provide real-time data to a free veterinary team dashboard to allow effective telemonitoring to improve pet vitality.

We created the app for all pets to prevent disease. Our passion is educating pet parents and getting reliable pet home health data to a pet’s veterinarian, saving valuable veterinary team time. ”

— Dr Ken Lambrecht

MADISON, WI, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2022 / — Healthy Pet Connect (HPC) launches its new platform that includes iOS, Android, and web versions of its research-backed Fit Pets for Rescues™ weight management system, and now ensures success by providing highly accurate, connected scales & a pet-personalized feeding system FREE with each pet parent subscription as a limited-time promotion.

The basic HPC app is a free, interactive pet health platform that allows pet parent input of type/amounts of food, treats, weights, exercise, pictures, videos, and an estimate of Body Condition Score (BCS) similar to BMI in humans. The app educates and motivates pet parents in good nutrition & exercise but does not monetize through any food recommendations. Subscriptions will offer discounts on validated/peer-reviewed products & services related to preventive care.

If a pet is scored over BCS 7/9 the pet parent can subscribe for telemonitoring which only begins after their veterinarian examines the pet, prescribes the food type and amount, and approves monitoring. Veterinary-supervised HPC team members stand by to detect abnormal rates of weight loss/gain alerting both the veterinarian and pet parent for safety and optimal rates of weight loss (0.5 to 2% for cats, 1 to 4% for dogs)

The telemonitoring service is also effective in detecting unintentional weight loss in senior/frail pets (especially cats) to help in the early detection of osteoarthritis, hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, diabetes mellitus, and other diseases. Pet food & treat recall services and a robust nutritional diary are planned for 2nd/3rd Qtr 2022.

The subscription cost for cats & small dogs (<25#) that includes a Bluetooth-connected pet food and body weight scale (accurate to 10 grams) is $19.95 a month for a 12 month (required) subscription. Five percent of all subscriptions are donated to the rescue of the pet parent’s choice.

For larger dogs, the subscription is $14.95/mo for 12 months (required) and includes a Bluetooth-connected food scale, feeding system & monitoring. Follow-up weights are obtained at a vet clinic or via HPC connected dog scales that will be made available to select locations where large numbers of dogs gather (busy daycares, resorts/boarding, and larger rescues) providing veterinarians whose patients are on subscription continuous monitoring and accurate, reliable dog weights that alleviate the need for clinic visits just to access an accurate scale. A Fit Pets for Rescues contest/Bootcamp pilot is planned and will seek partnership/sponsorships for its first nationwide audience in late 2022/early 2023.


Obesity in pets is considered an epidemic by veterinary experts affecting up to 60% of pets. Dr. Ken Lambrecht as Medical Director of Fit Pets for Rescues (FPR) has collaborated with IoT device manufacturers to develop home health ecosystems to treat obesity remotely for the past 12 years raising over $25K for rescues in the annual FPR contest in Madison, Wi. In collaboration with Dr. Barr Hadar at OVC, Guelph, and his Popmatix team, a study showed a technology system was 4 times more effective than traditional methods of weight management for cats in multiple cat households, and a peer-reviewed study was published in JSFM Oct 2021.

Dr. Lambrecht says “We created the app for all pets, as prevention of disease is part of our veterinary oath. The study showed us that educating pet parents, getting reliable information easily to a pet’s veterinarian, saving veterinary team time, is vital to treating & preventing obesity as a disease. Everything in our ecosystem is dog & cat friendly and based on established peer-reviewed veterinary medical guidelines (AAHA, AAFP, DACVN)”


Dr. Lambrecht is the CEO & a co-founder of HPC. He is a past board member of the Pet Nutrition Alliance and presently serves on the board of the American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition, The American Association of Feline Practitioners, and The Veterinary Cooperative as a veterinary technology evaluator. He has presented internationally on the use of technology for pet weight management and early disease detection.

All HPC systems have been tested in a real clinic setting at West Towne Veterinary Center in Madison, WI and successes include Spudge a 37# cat who now weighs less than 22# averaging a 1.5% weekly weight loss while fostered in Bug’s Cat Gym since his weight management journey began in June 2021.

Dr. Barr Hadar is a co-founder and chief scientific officer working on his epidemiology Ph.D. program at OVC Guelph in pet health data.

Jeff Maddux, a co-founder and software developer, and his team have 40+ years of software development (including medical) and data visualization experience and are highly committed pet parents. Healthy Pet Connect development & advisory board members have served over 100 years in veterinary care including members with frailty, wearable, and preventive care expertise.

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The one and only Spudge! (a 37 lb cat who is now 22 lbs)


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