How to Help the People of Ukraine: Organizations to Donate To and Support


This week, Russia escalated its near-decade-long aggression against Ukraine by declaring all-out war and invading from the east. The capital city of Kyiv is reportedly being demolished; over 50 Ukrainians have been confirmed as dead; and an estimated over 100,000 people have been displaced, worsening an already dire European refugee crisis.

It’s easy to feel powerless during moments like these—but we aren’t. While I can’t promise that making a simple donation or sharing a link on social media will single-handedly end this conflict (it won’t), it can do something. Think about it: One donation of $30 can feed a family or provide Ukrainian soldiers with clean drinking water. Five dollars can buy a child the book or toy that they need to psychologically escape the trauma around them. Not to mention, your donation can change someone’s entire world—when you support people in need, you’re not just supplying them with much-needed resources, you’re telling them that you care.

1. The Ukrainian Red Cross


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