How To Keep Your Weight in Check Amid Xmas and New Year’s Celebration


Christmas 2021: The holiday season is the most difficult time to stay on track and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The period right after Christmas and before New Year is filled with savoury food, desserts and drinks. Food does bring people together and we like feeding our loved ones during the holiday season, and similarly, tend to eat a little more with our family and friends. However, it is essential to keep a check on the extra kilos that we gain this time. Here are some easy tips to keep you healthy in the festive season:

Stay Hydrated

Intaking fluids, especially water is extremely important when you’re binging on all the greasy food. Drinking enough water will make you feel less hungry, tired and lazy. Additionally, one must also limit their alcohol intake, which has no nutrition.

Healthy snacking

When you pack your bags for your trip, make sure on packing nutritional fruits, nuts and protein bars. This will help you curb your craving for snacking on unhealthy chips and oily deep-friend snacks. Protein bars can also help you feel less hungry and add extra nutrition to your diet.

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Eat local

Eating local organically grown fruits and foods can help you stay in shape. Wherever you happen to be, make sure to buy some local food items which have their nutritional benefits and minerals, that can keep you on track and healthy.

Sleep Well

Taking adequate rest on your vacations is extremely important for your physical and mental health. You would not want to start your New Year feeling sluggish and low, thus resting and getting sufficient sleep is crucial.

Keep moving

Although you cannot hit the gym while on a vacation, take some time for yourself and go for a run or brisk walk and admire the nature around you. This will keep you sane,  fresh, and also charge you for your long days ahead. You could also carry your little gym along with you, which includes a set of dumbells and skipping ropes.

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