I Used My Fitness Watch To Prove That Sex Is Better Than The Gym


Despite the fact that sex is an activity generally done lying down, a study out of the University of Quebec in Montreal found that it’s actually a respectable calorie burner.

As a rare hybrid of a gym rat and lazy sloth, I am all for trying to combine a workout with things I do in my warm, comfy bed.

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Jessica Matthews, the exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise, confirmed that it’s possible. “Sex can burn 3 to 4.5 calories a minute and more, depending on how vigorous it is,” she told me.

Oh, it would be vigorous. Armed with goodies like the Forerunner 220 (the latest fitness watch from those geniuses at Garmin) and my “workout partner,” aka my husband, Greg, I decided to go for the burn.

The Lowdown

First up, arms. I cranked out three sets of 10 push-ups while on oral duty, pausing between sets to give my guns a rest and to work my abs by holding a plank. My arms were trembling, and a thin film of sweat covered my pits and upper lip.

I know what you want to ask, and the answer is yes, it is hard being this sexy.

Squat Thrusts

Next, leg work. I positioned a yoga mat near the kitchen counter. Greg lay on it, and I crouched over his lap, feet on either side of his hips, turning my back to him. I pressed the timer on my watch and held on to the counter while I did mini-squats for 60 seconds. Recovered. Eyed some cookies and almost quit but persevered with two more sets.


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