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We hope you thoroughly enjoyed our annual Progress publication in today’s edition. It’s always a welcomed challenge for our staff.

It’s rewarding to have the privilege to feature some of the most interesting people and happenings in our tri-state area.

For this installment, in particular, the focus was on a healthier, happier Tri-State.

All in all, there are plenty of positives to note in our area, pointing to brighter days.

In this four-section product, The Daily Independent’s goal was to highlight the many ways to be on the move in this region — and we looked at both physical and mental aspects of health and fitness.

We shone a spotlight on activities such as hiking, biking, running, yoga and more — plus, there is so much more we could not get to in this particular publication.

We spoke to experts on various health-related subjects. They were all fascinating interviews that offered a plethora of perspectives.

As one of our featured subjects — an inspirational person named Alan Osuch — said, the goal is to get the Tri-State healthy and moving. That’s his and his fiancee’s mission every time they put on another 5K or 10K event.

That’s precisely what we set out to do when we initially outlined story ideas for this Progress edition.

Some, as you see, used the COVID-19 pandemic to discover different ways to maintain or obtain a healthy lifestyle.

With more and more events coming back as COVID cases number fewer and fewer, there are several group activities in which people can once again get involved, too.

Let’s be a Tri-State On The Move!


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