It’s Substance Abuse Prevention Month


Substance Abuse Prevention Month is recognized in October, and Canandaigua Emergency Squad is committed to helping those affected by addiction lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Far too many families have been impacted by addiction and the drug overdose epidemic. In 2020 alone, 93,000 people died from accidental overdose in the United States. In our own community, CES responded to 151 overdoses last year, and this year we’ve responded to 131 overdose calls so far. The impact of this crisis echoes across our community in empty chairs in classrooms and around kitchen tables.

Studies show that the earlier an individual starts smoking, drinking, or using other drugs, the greater the likelihood of developing addiction. Nine out of 10 people who abuse or are addicted to nicotine, alcohol or other drugs began using these substances before they were 18 years old. People who began using addictive substances before age 15 are nearly seven times more likely to develop a substance-abuse problem than those who delay first use until age 21 or older. Every year that substance use is delayed during the period of adolescent brain development, the risk of addiction and substance abuse decreases.

Canandaigua Emergency Squad

We remember those who have lost their lives to substance abuse, acknowledge those in recovery and the loved ones who support them, and recognize the vital role prevention education plays. While there is no one way or guarantee to prevent someone from abusing drugs and alcohol, there are things that everyone can do to make healthy choices and prevent going down a dangerous path. We encourage you to review and share these tips to promote a healthy lifestyle free from addiction.


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