Kate Middleton Royal Wellness Secrets At 40


The idea behind the diet is that eating more protein can help to manage one’s weight, especially because protein is lower in calories, and it can help to ensure satiety.

Now, while research has found that protein can help a person feel more full, it is not recommended that one adopt a diet that encourages the exclusion of certain food groups. If you do want to follow the diet, then it is advisable that you consult a nutritionist before doing so.

No dairy, no problem

According to reports, Kate Middleton avoids dairy and prefers to consume almond milk with berries as her snack.

Almond milk is not only an easy plant-based alternative to conventional dairy, but it’s also great for the body. Rich in vitamins E and D, as well as calcium and potassium, almond milk has been found to help the body in a number of ways, particularly by reducing the risk for heart disease.


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