Lifestyle Basics for Senior Citizens to Live a Comfortable Life


Recently, WHO revealed that the percentage of global citizens over 60 years will double from 12% to 22% between 2015 and 2050. Even more shocking is the revelation that by 2020, people over 60 years will outnumber children who are younger than five years. By 2030, WHO predicts that one in every six individuals will be aged over 60 years.

The stats are alarming and what makes it complicated is that there’s no typical elderly. Some senior people might have the physical and mental capacity of younger demographics, while others may experience a more significant decline in their abilities.

The common notion about older people is that they are either frail or dependent and burden society. Last year, 14.7 million or 28% of the older adults in the US were reported to be living alone for this reason. These people are often ignored and cannot maintain live an active life.

If you have aging parents who live alone or know relatives living away from their families, a few changes in their daily lives will make a huge impact. Here are some things you can do for elderlies in your life.

Medical Transportation

Reports suggest that over 600,000 older individuals stop driving every year, which makes it harder for them to get around and make doctor’s appointments, among other things. Setting up medical transportation for them to get to and from medical appointments or physical therapy will be a huge convenience.

Medical transportation service providers arrange non-emergency medical transport for elders with just a call. Ensure that the contact number of such services is on the speed dial on their phone, and they know how to call for it. Additionally, hire a caretaker who can visit on certain days or every day to take the elderly person on a walk, run an errand, physiotherapy, doctor’s appointments, and more.


One of the most important aspects of daily life for elderly people is moving around. If they cannot move around comfortably, even in their own home, it’s bound to get frustrating for them and deteriorate their quality of life. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that older people have good mobility options available to them.

Ensure that they have access to a well-fitted wheelchair or motorized mobile chair, which they can easily sit down in and get up from. Additionally, provide a walker or crane for areas not accessible through a wheelchair. If possible, install wheelchair ramps, wide door wells, and handrails around the house to make mobility hassle-free.

Go a little further and invest in mobility furniture like a hospital bed, shower chair, tripod bar, and more will make getting up from the bed and taking a shower a tad bit easier.


It’s common knowledge that an aging person is on several medications to supplement the worn-down body and remain healthy. To wit, adequate medical care is a must for any elderly, including doctor’s visits, dental care, eye care, foot care, physical or psychiatric therapy, and more.

If the elderly person in your family can take care of these by themselves, you’ll probably just need a housecare who visits during certain hours of the day. However, if older people cannot take care of themselves, it makes sense to set up a home nursing system or a full-time nurse to assist with medications, shots of insulin, and more.


Apart from medication and health care, an elderly person needs proper nutrition and a balanced diet. It helps them lead a healthy and comfortable life. Moreover, most elderly people have dietary restrictions and must follow a specific diet to stay healthy.

It’s best to hire a dietitian to figure out the best diet for the elderly, considering all the restrictions and dietary requirements. You can then hire a caregiver to prepare the meals and feed them every day. If that’s not possible, it’s also good to prepare weekly meals for the elderly, which they can simply heat and eat every day.

These are some of the most basic lifestyle care that any elderly living alone will require to lead a comfortable life. Apart from these, you can always go the extra mile and hire a 24/7 caregiver, have a doctor on call, and get therapy done at home itself. The key is to make their day-to-day life comfortable.


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