Lose weight with age-appropriate eating with these five tips


While you are in your 20s, there is nothing that is off-limits. No food items are proscribed or to be avoided for the body is in its prime and can pretty much take in anything. However, it is important to categorize food into ‘eat less of’, ‘eat some of’ and ‘eat more of’ categories. The last would include Vitamin D rich foods for strong bones and teeth such as dairy products, cereals, salmon, tuna, soy, oatmeal and lots of fruits and vegetables. All of these foods would also promote heart health and build a strong foundation for the future. Fiber-rich foods are next on the list. For a healthy digestive system and prevention of diabetes, having fiber-rich foods such as fruits, cereals etc. is important. These will also help you stay fuller for longer and avoid cravings.

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