Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training NYC Bestowed with 2022 Best of Manhattan Award


Private Trainer in New York

Private Trainer in New York

NYC’s top personal trainer Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training has been selected as the Best of Manhattan in the Manhattan Award Program’s personal trainers category. Each year, the awards identify companies that have achieved milestones in their local communities and business category. The awards are given to small businesses that have achieved exceptional marketing success, provided high-quality services to customers, and overall made the Manhattan area a great place to live, and work.

Various sources of information are collated and analyzed to select the winners in each category. Information is gathered both internally and third-party providers to choose local businesses that have established the best practices to build competitive advantage and long-term value.

Online personal training and certified celebrity trainer coach, Maik Wiedenbach has a stellar resume to boast of. He is a two-time World Cup and Olympic level swimmer from Germany, who arrived in the US on a swimming scholarship from Fordham University. Over the years, he has established a solid reputation as a respected fitness and bodybuilding expert, and a nutrition counselor. Maik has authored several books, and apart from featuring in various digital and print publications, he has a successful YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers. On his channel, Maik shares his thoughts and tips on diverse subjects ranging from muscle strength, and weight loss, to improving aerobic fitness. He also teaches undergrad at NYU.

Maik’s expertise is based on scientific facts rather than fad diets, harmful drugs, and overpriced supplements. Being an athlete for the last 25 years, he understands the pros and cons of every nutritional and fitness strategy and prevents his customers from making the same mistakes. His training facility in Midtown Manhattan provides a personalized fitness program for each individual, both online and in-person. This is based on a detailed fitness assessment, where the clients’ current lifestyle habits, injuries, medical histories, occupation, capabilities, and long-term goals are taken into account. Maik is known among his clients as a coach who shares and educates extensively, is encouraging rather than patronizing, adaptable, and is dedicated towards client satisfaction.

Through his strong leadership, business acumen, and easily approachable nature, Maik has taken his personal training facility to new heights. Through timely investments into new equipment, and extensive marketing efforts his business flourished during the pandemic, even when gyms and training facilities were facing severe losses in New York City (NYC). In 2021, he was voted as one of the top fitness instructors in NYC, in the annual Bethpage Best of the City list.

Thousands of clients and followers of Maik Wiedenbach can vouch for the efficacy of his fitness programs, and also his generous nature. Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training is truly a boon for the fitness-conscious generations in the local community, as well as the whole of NYC.

About Maik Wiedenbach Personal Training

Maik Wiedenbach is a renowned fitness trainer, with an endless list of accomplishments and titles. He is an NYU professor, Olympic-level swimmer, Musclemania champion with thousands of subscribers, fans, and followers on his social media accounts.

Maik and his team of certified personal trainers run a highly successful personal training business in NYC. Included in the personal training sessions are individualized workout and diet plans, weekly newsletters, exclusive gym membership, and 24/7 e-mail support. Members also get Maik’s critically acclaimed book 101 Fitness Training Myths.

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