Make sure your loved ones get the care they need, deserve


Sharon West

Recently, I have had time to reflect on the early years as a caregiver for my loved one.

The journey started for me in 2006 when my loved one fell and fractured her hip. Though she recovered well, it seems that this injury heavily influenced her decision to not drive again. At that point, my role as caregiver was punted into the next level. My priorities gradually shifted from what I planned to do on my list to what must I participate in on her lists.

Her lists were usually not very long but time intensive. She did not have many medical appointments and at the age of 77, at that time, was taking two prescription meds. She insisted on going to the grocery store rather than my grocery shopping for her. She insisted upon using the cane for walking and an adamant “no” to using a walker. A few times she tried Mountain Mobility as a service, which was great, but she did not like being on the van for long periods of time.


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