‘Make your mind a healthy and happy space to be in’: Prajakta Koli


A happy mind helps ensure a healthier lifestyle.

Youtuber-actor Prajakta Koli shared some tips on her channel MostlySane about small habits we can adopt in our daily lives to keep our minds happy.

Firstly, she said it’s important to spend some time with oneself after waking up in the morning.

“For me, it’s getting up, brushing my teeth, having my morning chai and reading a book. It’s important to have some me time before the hustle bustle of the day starts.”

She also put emphasis on having a proper sleep cycle.

Prajakta advised that one should take an hour off their phone every day, and utilise that time to either take a nap or watch a movie.

“Because our brain is bombarded with content every day, it is important for us to take a breather and relax.”

She said it’s also important to monitor the conversations, content and thoughts you have, around you and in your mind.

“Monitor the type of people you are talking to and what content you are consuming every day. See how happy, sad or helpful it is and whether these conversations helps you grow.”

“Anytime I have a doubt or weird thought coming to the mind, I try to think about the things going right in my life instead of focusing on the wrongs.” According to her, writing down all the things we are grateful for is very helpful.

Ending on an encouraging note, she said: “Your mind is the place you’re going to spend the rest of your life in, so might as well make it a healthy and a happy space to be in.”

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