‘Mediterranean diet is the most balanced and nutritious food in the world’


The Mediterranean diet is the most preferred and balanced food for a healthy lifestyle in the world, which can be consumed for prevention from lifestyle ailments, Italian Consul General in Karachi Danilo Guirdanella said while speaking at a HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant, Café) summit during an ongoing Italian Cuisine Week at a hotel in Karachi on Wednesday.

The summit, which was attended by guests from different walks of life, showcased food ingredients and samples using Italian goods with the aim of engaging B2B and B2C customers for the hospitality sector.

This year, the Italian Cuisine Week is dedicated to the theme ‘Tradition and perspectives of Italian cuisine: awareness and enhancement of food sustainability’, which combines the promotion of Italian agri-food products with the enhancement of the Mediterranean diet as a model of healthy and sustainable diet and lifestyle.

The Consulate of Italy in Karachi has invited two special guests from Italy: chef Samuele Crestale hailing from Milan, and Antonio Fracchiolla, a cheese expert from the south. The two men took everyone on a gastronomical excursion to Italy with their culinary skills and art of cheese-making.

The Italian consul general in Karachi also spoke about the protection and enhancement of Italian food products with a protected and controlled Italian designation of origin. During this week, Italian foreign missions abroad collaborated with partners to promote Italian culinary traditions, local sustainable agri-food products and exports by organising promotional activities like workshops, seminars and tastings.

One of the highlights of the event was the sampling of Italian artisanal cheese by Cheese expert Antonio Fracciolla, who shared his expertise with artisanal cheese suppliers in the local market.

He also briefed the audience on the history and importance of cheese-making in Italian culture, in which they take great pride. The cheese samples brought by the Cheese expert from Italy are trademarked under the Protected Designation of Origin (DOP).

Chef Samuele Crestale conducted a live cooking demonstration for the visitors. He cooked ‘PISAREI e FASO’, a classic bean and pasta dish from Emilia Romagna and a decadent semi-frozen dessert called ‘SEMIFREDDO AL FONDENTE’.

Italian food products, including Blue mountain, Coffees Etc, Kohala, Horeca Systems and Pakeeza kitchen equipment, were on the display. Recipes were shown displayed using the Italian products, while Real Cheese and The Vittles Company were present as local cheese vendors at the event.


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