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Dor Eckstein is a highly experienced nutrition and fitness expert. He is the owner of the largest nutrition and training consulting company in Israel, leading thousands of clients to success. He offers his clients the option to lose fat and gain muscle mass with minimal effort on their part. He works to prove to people that weight loss does not have to require a lot of effort and time.

Dor’s experience in this field also makes him a celebrated fitness instructor in the industry. With more than 9,000 happy clients to his name, it shows his knowledge and confidence in fitness and nutrition, making him one of the best in the business. Also, Dor’s desire to offer a personalized touch for each of his clients makes him a one-of-a-kind nutritionist for everyone.

“I am always open to talking to my clients over the phone and on WhatsApp. I feel that fitness is my responsibility. Once my clients contact me, I share my phone number with them. They can call me Monday to Saturday. I usually answer my phone unless I am sleeping or in an appointment with another client. But I do get back immediately after I finish my assignments,” says Dor.

As a result, Dor gets tons of clients with different requirements, with the majority inquiring about losing weight while others are looking to build muscle mass. Incredibly, Dor has continually engineered different tailor-made plans for everyone. He does this by thoroughly examining his client’s body types and metabolic rate before proceeding. This helps Dor figure out which method will work on the client’s body for effective results.

Another reason Dor is so efficient as a fitness instructor is that he constantly goes to the root cause of what’s causing the change in your body. If you are putting on weight, what is causing you to gain those extra pounds? He wants to clarify everything during a face-to-face conversation with the client in his clinic or via video call. Once he gets his answers, he uses his expertise and experience to formulate personalized diet plans and exercise sessions that transform your body in a few months.

A transformational program, Dor’s diet plans don’t consist of anything extravagant that will force you to eat something you don’t like. You can still enjoy pizza, sushi, and even a hamburger from McDonald’s and get the body you always dreamed of. Likewise, his fitness sessions aren’t too intense and exhausting. You can quickly achieve your fitness goals if you follow his instructions.

In a few years, Dor sees himself helping millions of people worldwide reach the bodies they dreamed of. He hopes to soon open new branches worldwide in America, Europe, and Asia and leave his mark on the fitness world.

To everyone on the journey to weight loss, Dor encourages you not to give up. It can be a demanding journey that is sometimes tough, but you can easily reach your body goals with dedication and commitment.


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