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Milind Soman attempts a headstand far from the cacophony of the city, ‘just listening to the birds’, and that is all the positive vibe and fitness inspiration we need this Tuesday | Check viral video and health benefits of the exercise inside

ByZarafshan Shiraz, Delhi

Connecting with nature through the senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch can bridge the gap between us and the natural world and has real health benefits to de-stress and relax one and rooting for the same this Tuesday is Indian supermodel Milind Soman. Attempting a headstand far from the cacophony of the city, “just listening to the birds”, Milind served a refreshing fitness inspo and that is all the positive vibe and workout motivation we need to brush aside Tuesday blues.

Taking to his social media handle, Milind shared a video from a garden area that gave fans a glimpse of his intense workout session as the sound of chirping birds filled the air. Donning a casual black, half sleeves, round neck T-shirt with a pair of black shorts, Milind was seen crouching barefoot on the grass and balancing his bodyweight on his head as he slowly raised his legs skywards. 

This headstand is called Salamba Shirshasana or just Shirshasana in Yoga. Milind gushed in the caption, “Anytime, anywhere, with whatever you choose, you make your world beautiful (sic).”

Benefits of headstand or Yoga’s Sirshasana

Yoga headstand is also called Salamba Shirshasana or just Shirshasana which is good for stimulating and providing refreshed blood to various endocrine glands for improving the body’s overall functionality. It also strengthens one’s core along with increasing upper body strength and stamina.

Headstand is not advised during menstruation or in cases of high blood pressure, hiatal hernia, heart palpitations or glaucoma. Though nicknamed “king” of all the asanas, Yoga headstand is most often reported as the cause of an injury hence, should be practised after gaining much balance.

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