Milwaukee chef brings heart-healthy cooking to the community


KENOSHA, Wis. — A health collaborative in southeastern Wisconsin provides resources to those who may be at risk for developing a health condition. 

Chef Marvin Jones works as a part of the Healthy Eating and Active Living Collaborative. 

“What I’m able to do, is share the God gift that I’ve been given,” said Jones. 

He shares his cooking skills by leading healthy cooking courses throughout the community. 

The program provides health resources to community members in southeastern Wisconsin who are at risk for developing lifestyle-related diseases.

Jones said he shows people the steps to starting a healthier lifestyle. 

“First I take away the mysticism of cooking and show them how easy it is to prepare a healthy meal,” he said.  

Jones made his way through the community on Saturday and taught a lively group of participants at Second Baptist Church in Kenosha how to make a vegetable soup.

Of all the seasonings on this chef’s table, what the participants won’t see is salt. 

“We believe you can give up salt without sacrificing taste,” he said. 

Dr. Sandra Millon Underwood is the executive director of the program. She said they work with exercise therapists, chefs, educators and others to bring this program to life.

“There are often times too few resources in our community to provide education and support for men, women and children,” she said. 

She said they work to empower adults to make changes to improve their nutrition and physical activity. They focus on usually overlooked and underserved areas in the state, including communities of color. 

“We go wherever people are,” said Millon Underwood. “Wherever there’s a need and an interest and willingness to serve and promote health and wellness in our community.”

Jones said the most fulfilling part of his job is using his gift to give back to others. 

“We have to make our gift available to everyone and I find this is a perfect way to do it,” said Jones.  


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