MTL Launches App for FPSO Lightship Weight


Marine Technical Limits (MTL), a UK-based FPSO and marine integrity management and repair company, has launched its PYXIS Lightship technology that promises to help ship owners and FPSO / fixed asset operators better manage the lightship weight of their vessels.  

The lightship weight of a vessel is the fixed, non-removable items adding to the weight of the asset. This can include steel, machinery, and outfitting.

“With many FPSOs having been in operation for significant periods of time the additional lightship weight can be substantial, meaning it’s imperative to manage the lightship weight suitably to ensure vessel stability, safety and compliance with relevant regulations,” MTL said.

According to MTL, its PYXIS Lightship app enables organizations to manage the lightweight of vessels in a structured and controlled manner.  ©MTL

Ian Stewart, Lead Naval Architect at MTL said: “At MTL we identified a requirement within the industry for an application which helps organizations
 manage lightship weight in a smarter digital way.  Currently, throughout the industry, the deadweight of a vessel (variable weights – oil, fuel, cargo, people) is managed closely on a continuous basis with onboard stability software. However, the lightship weight is regularly managed and maintained offline in a basic log, such as a spreadsheet or similar document.”

“Often the spreadsheets used to capture the data for the lightship weight on an FPSOs are dated, have poor version control and are susceptible to human error. This can mean coordinates and weight-specific information is misinterpreted or inaccurate leading to increased risk.”  

“Loss of control of lightship weight data will lead to non-compliance with the regulations and is likely to result in significant operational delays
 while it is rectified through a deadweight survey or inclining experiment.”

According to Stewart, PYXIS Lightship manages, catalogs, maintains, and records all appropriate information digitally within the app, “ensuring quality lightship information is readily available at all times, offering significant time savings as well as reducing risk.”


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