New smart dog collar can monitor your pet’s health like an Apple Watch


During CES 2022, technology company Invoxia unveiled a new smart dog collar which can monitor your pooch’s health.

The collar clips around a dog’s neck, and can track your pet’s heart rate to ensure there aren’t any concerning irregularities. This is not only useful for checking if there are serious heart conditions, but is also handy to ensure your dog is maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Invoxia claims that between 10% and 20% of dogs are “either at risk or already suffer from difficult to diagnose heart conditions”. The smart collar may not be able to cure such conditions, but it should make it easier for you to detect them as early as possible.

The Invoxia smart dog collar can also monitor the respiratory rate and resting time of your pooch, so you can ensure it’s getting enough exercise and sleep. All of the data is collected via the dedicated iOS and Android app, allowing you to share the information with a vet if you have any concerns.

It’s best thinking of it like an Apple Watch, but for your dog. But while fitness-tracking technology has been around for a while now, Invoxia claims this is the very first device that works for pooches since it can still measure the heart and respiratory rate through thick fur.

Like with Invoxia’s previous pet gadget, the dog collar will feature an integrated GPS tracker so you can track down the location of your pet if it’s done a runner. Your app will even automatically alert you if your dog strays too far.

Invoxia claims its new smart dog collar can last ‘several weeks’ on a single charge, so you won’t need to keep topping it up on a daily basis.

The smart dog collar will only be available for medium to large dogs when it launches in Summer 2022, but Invoxia claims it’s hoping to launch a version for smaller pooches at a later date. It will be available in four different colours at launch.

However, don’t expect this smart collar to be cheap, with an upfront cost of $99, and then a further monthly $13 fee to continue tracking all of the health data. But if you’re keen to know every single thing about your pet, then it’s worth registering your interest now to get 10% off a future purchase.


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