NYC Mayor Eric Adams Declares March 20 “MeatOut Day”


In another plant-based win for New York City, Mayor Eric Adams declared March 20 to be MeatOut Day. Adams signed the official declaration at the beginning of the month, making NYC the latest to join the MeatOut initiative to promote plant-based eating in cities throughout the US.

A week-long celebration of plant-based eats has kicked off and lasts until March 25. Participating vendors throughout the city will offer vegan food and menu options, as well as a series of educational events, some of which will be sponsored by the popular vegan spot P.S. Kitchen.

The MeatOut Initiative

The MeatOut initiative was developed as a grassroots campaign from Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), a national nonprofit organization that advocates the end of using animals for food. The goal of the movement is to educate people about nutritious plant-based foods in order to reduce meat and dairy consumption, ultimately creating a better world for both animals and the planet.

Since its founding in 1985, the MeatOut initiative has garnered support from over 40 cities across the country, including Madison, WI; Houston, TX; Charlotte, NC; Riverside, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Fort Wayne, IN; and more.

NYC Mayor Eric Adams and “FishGate”

In recent news, Adams received backlash due to the Midtown restaurant Osteria La Baia telling the media outlet Politico that Adams orders the fish and salad, which is now being termed “FishGate.” Despite the recent exposure of Adams’ not-so-vegan diet, the mayor believes there’s value in promoting a plant-based lifestyle and spreading the message about the importance of incorporating nourishing foods into a healthy lifestyle.

In a recent statement from the New York Times, Adams claimed that “The more plant-based meals you have, the healthier you’re going to be” and encouraged New Yorkers to focus on their own plates, as opposed to scrutinizing what’s on his.

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