Pippa Middleton shares best exercises to ‘burn fat’ – 450 calories in just 30 minutes


Pippa Middleton leads an active and healthy lifestyle, and as a result, keeps her figure slim. For anyone looking to lose weight or more specifically, burn fat, the British socialite has shared some of her favourite exercises which do “wonders for your body shape”. 

In previous weeks, Pippa has discussed how to “walk your way to health” and the importance of setting a fitness plan. 

In week six of her exercise plan, she focuses on high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. 

Speaking about HIIT and why she recommends it, Pippa said: “Great for burning fat and boosting fitness, high-intensity exercise is a short but intense workout that does wonders for your body shape, particularly if you’re after fast results. 

“The aim is to boost your VO2 max – increase the amount of oxygen your body can use per minute.

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Lower body exercises 

Do 30 seconds of each move and repeat the circuit four times.

Squat jump – targets the leg muscles 

1. From a standing position, make sure your feet are hip-width apart and drop into a squat. 

2. Pressing through the heels, jump into the air as high as you can. 

3. Land softly back in a squat position and repeat.

Side skaters – tones the bottom, upper legs and outer thighs

1. Take a big step to the left, lunging down, swinging right leg behind left. 

2. Push through your left leg to jump explosively and land on your right leg. 

3. Repeat.

Burpees – works the entire body 

1. An all-in-one move. Squat down, hands on the floor. 

2. Kick your feet back to a plank. Jump your feet back to your hands then jump up explosively. 

3. Squat back down. Repeat.

4. For a less advanced move, instead of jumping your feet back, place one foot back at a time into a plank position. 

Jump lunges – sculpts the bottom and legs

1. Lunge forward with your left leg, knee remaining above the ankle, back knee towards the floor. 

2. Jump into the air, switch legs and land in the lunge position with your right leg in front.

3. If this is too advanced, remove the jump and instead, bring your knee upwards towards your chest and then return your foot to the floor. This will also work your abdominal muscles. 

4. Switch legs. 

Pippa’s 10-week tone-up is in conjunction with Waitrose magazine.


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