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Harpers Ferry resident Rackel Breese, left, chats with Shepherdstown Vibes employee Mindy Good on Saturday afternoon. Tabitha Johnston

SHEPHERDSTOWN — On Dec. 31, Shepherdstown’s first nutrition club moved into 207 South Princess Street #101, with a focus on serving up an ever-changing array of healthy shakes, energy teas and more.

Shepherdstown Vibes is the second nutrition club owner Danielle Corbin has established, with the first, Martinsburg-based Nutritious Vibes, having been opened in 2019.

“I chose Shepherdstown to open a second location, because a lot of my customers are college students, they love our teas and shakes,” Corbin, who lives in Falling Waters, said. “Also, Shepherdstown is a place my kids and I come to [visit] often, whether for the farmers market or for Christmas when Santa comes to town.

“I went to Shepherd University and have always loved this town,” Corbin said. “I chose my location on Princess Street, because it has parking and that’s important for my customers that are in a hurry to grab a shake for breakfast or lunch, while working.”

Corbin swears by the health benefits of her drinks, which she has personally experienced. Her work as a health coach, which is available through visiting either of her locations, has allowed her to see the far-reaching benefits of her products.

Shepherdstown Vibes opened in 207 South Princess Street #101, on Dec. 31. Tabitha Johnston

“I’ve been helping people get healthy, lose weight, gain weight and just feel more energized for over eight years with these products,” Corbin said. “I got on them myself after my second baby, because I needed to lose the extra weight. After I tried my first shake, I was hooked. It tasted good, was filling and gave me energy I didn’t have before.”

Corbin is currently pregnant with her fourth child, and is finding the benefits of her products to be just as great now as they were in her first encounter with them.

“With a new baby, I needed all the energy I could get. Then because of the way I felt, I wanted to help others do the same, while making a way to provide for my family,” Corbin said, as she explained her reason for starting and now expanding her business. “I found a passion in this, after seeing the happiness, energy and change in one of my clients years ago, because she lost all of her unwanted weight. That made me want to help others, but on a bigger scale.”

One of the ways Corbin has tried to replicate this weight loss experience for many of her other customers, has been through establishing weight loss challenges, which awards prizes to those who successfully complete the challenges. As with her Martinsburg location, she also plans for Shepherdstown Vibes to become the home to future fitness groups.

Corbin’s best friend, Mindy Good, is helping her run Shepherstown Vibes, and can be regularly seen behind the counter, serving a customer or developing a seasonal drink. Most recently, she developed the Bleeding Heart Tea, with Valentine’s Day in mind.

The Bleeding Heart is one of the many seasonal teas sold at Shepherdstown Vibes, with other seasonal teas being offered at other times, in honor of Black History Month, Christmas and the New Year. Tabitha Johnston

“It’s all plant-based ingredients, no sugar, all sweetened with stevia and packed with vitamins and nutrients,” Good said, mentioning she has previously spent 16 years as a horticulturist. “Some days you just wake up not feeling that well, but when you come in here and drink a shake, it just combines with your body and makes you feel really good!”

According to Corbin, the shakes are deceptively healthy.

“The shakes tastes like a delicious dessert, but they are actually healthy! They have 21 vitamins and nutrients, low sugar and carbs, and 24-32 grams of plant based protein,” Corbin said. “Our teas are an energizing blend of green and black teas, no sugar, ginseng and B12. You can add many different things to them like collagen, immunity support, zinc and vitamin C.”

Shepherdstown Vibes is open Mondays through Fridays, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Their drinks can be ordered in the store or ahead-of-time, by visiting the Engage — Your Club app.


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