Projects producing valentines for strangers and seniors in Bloomington


A 6-year-old girl and a 38-year-old woman, who don’t know one another but recognize the importance of being valued as a person, are delivering Valentine’s Day love via handmade cards for strangers.

For the past few years, Amie Crites has been leaving random notes of encouragement and support around Bloomington for people to find. She calls them “affirmations” — kindness cards that often contain just a few words, such as “You are special,” or “You are worthy.” 

Simple words to spread love. Words that brighten someone’s life.

She recalled working out at Planet Fitness one day and noticing a random Post-it note on a crowded message board with the words “You are the highlight of someone’s day” scrawled on it. 

"A Cosmic Game of Love" is a deck of 42 cards Amie Crites created to offer various affirmations. It is marketed at

“That made my day,” Crites said. “I took a picture of it. It stayed with me.”

She created a deck of 42 cards and packaged them as “A Cosmic Game of Love.” People can shuffle the deck and choose an affirmation for the day, or leave them individually as she does for others to discover and contemplate.

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“I’ll leave one on the counter at Hopscotch Coffee next to the credit card machine or the cream containers, or on a shelf at Kroger next to the mac and cheese,” Crites explained. 

She usually doesn’t know who picks them up, but there have been a few chance encounters with card recipients.

Amie Crites

While seeking support for her project one day from a store owner, a woman who overheard the discussion approached Crites. “You make these?” she asked, pulling one of Crites’s kindness cards from her wallet. “She’d been carrying it with her for two years.”

When another woman saw her placing a card at the westside Kroger, she told Crites she had found one months before and still kept it in her car. “I didn’t really expect anything big to happen by leaving the cards. It’s just putting them out there in the universe for someone to discover, and maybe realize they are special.”


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