Rochester Go Red for Women motivates journalist to better health


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  • Cardiovascular diseases kill nearly 50,000 Black women each year.
  • Celebrity Bartending Event 5:30 p.m. March 29 at Branca Midtown.

There they were, two brand new scales to weigh myself. 

It had been at least seven months, but the time had come. My annual physical was just around the corner. 

I nervously stepped on the first scale: 224 lbs. 

Wait what? That cannot be right. I did just eat before this. Stepping off, I scooted the scale over near the trash can and quickly dismissed the inaccurate first read. ‘That’s just wrong,’ I persuaded myself.

I stepped on the second scale: 224.6 lbs.???

Oh my God, noooo. 

Enough of that. I removed myself from the “weigh-in”.

Now for the blood pressure: 132/87. Higher than I’d like, but I’m sure there’s an excuse.

Pulse: 85. ‘Should that be lower in the morning?’ I thought. ‘I haven’t even had tea, let alone coffee.’ Coming to grips with my self-measured vital signs, I felt concerned. 


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