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The coronavirus pandemic forced us all to shift our offices inside our homes. The Work From Home (WFH) model helped us stop the further spread of the Covid-19 virus. However, it brought many lifestyle changes that harmed our bodies, like a sedentary lifestyle by sitting on our WFH desks for long hours. Now that things have opened up partially, many are still working offline or have hybrid models at their workplaces. Because of this, we are still sitting for long hours in front of our laptops and phones. It creates many issues for our back, neck, head and shoulders. If you have similar problems, Rujuta Diwekar has a perfect solution for you.

Celebrity nutritionist and fitness expert Rujuta Diwekar took to Instagram to drop a video where she talked about three exercises that can help one fix their back, neck, head and shoulder pain caused by long hours of sitting. This is the third video in her fitness series where she shares workouts to undo the damage done by sitting. Additionally, these exercises can be done by anyone at their homes with much ease, as you only need a chair to do them. “3 exercises for neck, shoulders and back. To reduce the damage done by sitting – part 3,” she captioned the clip.

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The first exercise is about learning to relax our shoulders. We work on laptops for long hours or browse on our phones, and because of this, we cause a lot of stress to our bodies, and unknowingly our shoulders start rising. It indicates a bad posture because our heads are supposed to be held higher and shoulders are supposed to be relaxed. To do this pose, sit on the chair, bring your arms forward, interlock the fingers, push the shoulder down, raise your arms and extend the elbows. Then, turn your palms towards the ceiling and stretch for five counts.

To do the second exercise, place your palms wide on the edge of the chair, lift the fingers to stretch palms and forearms, raise the hips, push thighs away from the stomach, look in between the arms, and then stretch for five counts. This exercise allows the neck to relax and fixes digestion problems.

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The third exercise fixes neck pain and upper back stiffness in our bodies. To do the workout, get down on your knees in front of the chair, place elbows on the chair, and stretch your back by releasing it in a downward motion and keeping your arms together, bringing it towards the back. Do the routine for five counts.

Earlier, Rujuta had posted videos focusing on the abs, hamstrings, hips and legs. She shared exercises to fix issues in these parts of our body that arise after long hours of sitting. Scroll ahead to take a look at these posts.

So, are you working on fixing issues in your back, shoulders and neck today?


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