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The agenda for next week’s Allen County Board of Zoning Appeals’ public hearing will be missing two expected items.

Proposals for a senior living project taller than allowed by the county ordinance and signs for a Meijer store’s signs larger than allowed have been withdrawn, according to documents filed with the Department of Planning Services.

Applicant Toby Miller, representing property owner Park Place Senior Living, withdrew a request for a development standards variance to make proposed four-story residential apartment buildings 50 feet high, which would have exceeded ordinance standards by 10 feet.

The project on 5.83 acres has been zoned multiple family residential, so the housing did not require rezoning. After some opposition by residents, the developer decided to comply with the height standard, according to planning staff members.

The project’s address is 4795 Park Place Drive in Perry Township.

The Meijer project was for three signs at a new store at 4242 E. Dupont Road, southeast of East Dupont and Diebold roads in St. Joseph Township.

The signs were proposed as three or more times the maximum height and as much as five times the maximum square-footage typically permitted in all types of developments.

“After submission the sign plan was amended to only include on-site signs. As such, (the proposal) is no longer needed,” a planning department staff report says.

The zoning appeals board will meet at 1 p.m. Dec. 15 in Room Board #35 of Citizens Square.

The board is scheduled to consider another Meijer sign proposal and a request for a home workshop for fitness equipment research and development at 10125 Eby Road in a low-density residential district in St. Joseph Township.


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