The best weight lifting training programs for women over 40

Workout routines for women over 40 don’t have to be grueling, difficult, or something you dread. In fact, just the opposite is true when you have the right workout routines for women over 40 in place.

Fit and Trim University's Active-Agers [Women] programs provide just that – simple and effective workouts that are fun and yield real results for women in their 40s, 50s,60s, and beyond. You’ll be amazed at how easy getting and staying in shape really is! The best part is you can do some of the simplest, most effective fat-burning exercises from the comfort of home.

What are the benefits of weight training for women over 40?

Whether you’re just entering your 40s, are well acquainted with them, or can see them in your rearview mirror, you may wonder if there are changes you should be making to your fitness and nutrition routines to optimize your health and feel as fit, vibrant, and young as you'd like. Your 40s, 50s, and 60s can be years when you’re just as in shape and active as ever.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of weight training for women over 40-

  • Strength Training Builds And Maintains Muscle Mass.
  • Strength Training Makes Your Joints Stronger.
  • Strength Training Is One Of The Best Forms Of Low-Impact Cardio Exercise.
  • Strength Training Supports Weight Loss And Weight Management.
  • Strength Training Improves Your Cardiovascular Health.
  • Strength Training Protects Bone Health.
  • Strength Training Improves Your Mood and Mental Health.
  • Strength Training May Actually Help You Live Longer.

Our Active-Agers [Women] Programs Include -

  • Nutrition Guidance (Macros or Meal Guidance)
  • Supplementation Recommendations
  • Customized Workout Routine
  • Cardio Regiments
  • Lifestyle Adjustments
  • Weekly Check-ins & Adjustments
  • Monday through Friday communication access to your coach
  • Workout Form Review & Critique

With all these features and benefits, living a healthier and better lifestyle has never been easier before.

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