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Here we have our Fit and Trim Total Weight Management system in its purest form. No fluff or filler just cold hard facts about what works and exactly what to do to loose unwanted fat from your body, keep it off and keep your happiness whilst doing it.

Gain access to our unique MetaGuess methodology which addresses the hardest part of fat loss - keeping it off long term!

Learn to lead the life of a lean fat-burning machine.

This is not a traditional, low calorie, starvation protocol. It’s an education in fat loss, nutrition and all the factors that go into making your dream body a reality. You will eat more food than you ever thought possible for fat loss, spend less time in the gym and find happiness in your personal evolution.

We go deep into what to do to achieve your fat loss goals. Using the latest up to date science, physiology and psychology to support you every step of the way and beyond.

All supplied in a digital course straight to a device of your choice so you can access your information anywhere anytime.

Course Includes:

1. Fit and Trim Total Weight Management Program - learn all you need to know about fat loss, optimal health and life long results with the MetaGuess Method.

2. Become your own life coach - learn to identify and adjust your environment and personal behaviors to best support your life goals.

3. Four comprehensive training plans to suit everyone (gym access program, dumbbells only, bodyweight only and resistance bands only). Training programs are delivered straight to your smart device via out state of the art coaching app - with interactive notifications to keep you on track. All exercises have fully guided demonstration videos.

4. Whole food meal plan with recipes and weekly shopping list - save money by not buying more than you need.

5. Healthy Recipe Book Collection - including all new meal ideas and snacks. Redesign your daily eating habits with over 100 fully pictured and guided recipes including breakfast ideas, high protein meals, vegetarian dinner plans and many more options.

6. The Eat Real Food Healthy Habit Coaching Program - a 2-week habit coaching program that encourages you to increase your frequency of eating healthy single-ingredient foods while reducing unnecessary processed ones.

7. Fundamentals of Nutrition two part course - gain an understanding of what nutrition actually is and how to use food to your advantage.

8. Supercharge Your Results workbook - in depth look at additional practices you could use to optimize your mind, body and soul.

9. Lifestyle Management workbook - take a deeper look at stress and the effects on the body, the importance of sleep and how to maximize your potential.

10. FITT-U progress diary to keep you up to date and on course for success.

11. Healthy Habit Tracker - identify and track new healthy habits until they become second nature to you.

12. Bonus guides and resources - intuitive eating, goal setting, meal prep and more!

13. Additional workouts and trigger sessions to keep you progressing year after year.

It has took us many thousands of dollars and many thousands of hours to learn the very best protocols and practices to live a fat-free lifestyle. You can access all that knowledge right now for the super low price of just $197.00 for lifetime access to this course.

You will learn how to become your own coach and will even know a lot more then many coaches out there in the fitness/health and wellness industry.

This course is fully guided with no time limit so don't worry if it sounds like a lot of content we have your back and with as little as ten minutes reading a day for a couple of weeks you will be well on your way to the body you want and deserve.

Just relax and enjoy the process knowing your efforts will be rewarded with effective life long knowledge and results.

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