Shapa Teams Up with Freshly, Inc. to Provide Nutritious Meal Solutions to Assist in Lifestyle Change


CUPERTINO, Calif., Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shapa, a premier innovator in the field of behavior change, has teamed up with Freshly, Inc., the leading fresh-prepared meal delivery service in the U.S.

This pivotal partnership will help enhance a healthy lifestyle and promote behavior change through Freshly’s simplified approach to nutritionist-designed meals with thoughtful ingredients, perfect portions, and nutrient-dense foods. Shapa’s behavioral change platform, which uses cutting-edge technology with complex algorithms and AI, will elevate the user experience by offering Freshly as an additional solution to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Shapa’s features include mindful eating, behavioral change missions, and a superior weigh-in experience to nudge users towards better behaviors. Shapa users will now be able to access Freshly for a healthy, easy, and convenient meal prep solution to use with their Shapa platform.

Freshly is an industry leader in providing meals that nourish the body without sacrificing taste. We are excited about this partnership and believe the combination of our behavior change platform with their on-demand chef-prepared meals can provide a simple and sustainable solution for individuals to achieve their health goals.

Nati Lavi, CEO and Founder

At Freshly, we recognize that addressing employees and consumers holistic health needs and unlocking tools to support wellbeing is a top priority. We are very excited to work with Shapa, a leader in digital technology that focuses on personalized behavior change for consumers to live healthier. Freshly helps break down the barriers to healthy eating with offerings that prioritize great taste, quality nutrients and effortless convenience for our customers whether at home, at work or on the go. Freshly’s line-up of diet flexible meals allows consumers to eat based on their preferences and needs (e.g. Vegetarian – Purely Plant, Fitness – FreshlyFit, etc).

Tom Futch, VP Freshly for Business

About Shapa

Shapa is based in Silicon Valley and co-founded by social scientist and Duke University professor Dan Ariely as an innovative behavioral change platform for lifestyle change and management. Shapa’s mission is to help people achieve their health goals by bringing to life Ariely’s cutting-edge insights using human-compatible design, big data, artificial intelligence, and mobile technology. Starting with a physical device, whether scale or app. Shapa helps individuals change their behavior. To learn more about Shapa, visit

About Freshly

Freshly Inc., the leading fresh-prepared meal delivery service in the U.S., is a weekly subscription service delivering fresh, chef-cooked meals directly to customers’ doors that can be heated and served in three minutes. All that is needed is a microwave, fork, and plate to get a satisfying lunch or dinner on the table. With a corporate mission to break down the barriers to healthy eating, Freshly believes that taste and health don’t need to be compromised for convenience. Freshly’s food philosophy is centered on less sugar, less processed, and more nutrients. The majority of meals are gluten-free and single-serve for effortless portion control. Developed by chefs and nutritionists, the menu features better-for-you versions of classic comfort foods with smart ingredient swaps. Freshly makes eating better easier than ever, one box at a time.

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