‘Shocked at her injuries’: What to know before high intensity workouts. We try 5 of them


Renal medicine specialist Angeline Goh at Mount Elizabeth Hospital also cited the increasing popularity of CrossFit and Spinning classes when she warned of the danger of rhabdomyolysis in the health and wellness web resource, Health Plus.

For the Angs, it was a condition they were unaware of previously. And for many beginners in these intensive workouts, it is an example of the risks they should know before they sign up.

To find out how intense these workouts can be and how to get ready for them, Talking Point host Steven Chia tried his hand at five different types: Spinning, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), boxing conditioning, CrossFit and a Spartan boot camp.

He had only ever tried HIIT before, although he does go to the gym and plays racket sports — both once a week — to “break out in a sweat, but … not that intense”.

WATCH: Is high intensity training for me? Steven tries 5 workouts: Spin, HIIT, Boxfit, CrossFit & Spartan (13:57)


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