The crème de la crème of The History of Whoo


Presented as a bejewelled and gilded trinket, The History of Whoo’s Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Cream is a testament to the brand’s commitment to imperial beauty secrets preserved in modern formulas.

Luxury has no bounds for The History of Whoo. The Korean brand is a trusted purveyor of prestigious skincare that helps women of all ages retain their youthful glow. Its secret lies in its formulas that take inspiration from medicinal remedies loved by ancient empresses of East Asia, who were renowned for their flawless complexions.

These formulations are made efficacious with modern science to achieve skin that is constantly self-regenerating and self-renewing. Sitting on the pinnacle of its collections is the Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Cream – a product so luxurious in its formulation and presentation that it resembles a precious elixir.

The crème de la crème

The cream is housed in a gilded jar, which features ornate etchings of motifs inspired by three treasures that were bestowed to a Korean empress in a royal coronation ceremony: a jade investiture book, appointment letters and a golden royal seal with an inscription of “Wangjejibo” (Seal of Empress in Korean).

The formula is as sumptuous as its packaging. It has a satin-smooth texture and is quickly absorbed into skin to spur rapid penetration of the ingredients. This is due to the brand’s patented Sericin Emulsifying Technology, a natural silk protein that harks back to the traditional use of silkworm cocoons for medicinal purposes of treating skin diseases.

The History of Whoo’s Sericin is bio-compatible with human skin as it resembles natural keratin and amino acid components. It regenerates cells, retains moisture in the dermis and has brightening and anti-inflammatory functions. It also enhances elasticity and smooths the skin surface for ultimate softness and suppleness.

What makes the Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Cream deserving of its name are also the prized ingredients within. Wang Whoo Sam, also known as the queen of wild ginseng, is the star here. As the mother plant grows together with its offspring as a family, this type of wild ginseng requires careful harvesting to avoid damage and wastage, which renders it highly valuable and rare.

Compared to common wild ginseng, whose lifespan ranges from 20 to 30 years, this unique wild ginseng family can live for 40 to 50 years. Translated into a formula, the ginseng extract becomes a highly potent ingredient that imparts the formidable vitality and longevity of youthful skin.

The cream also contains wild ginseng flower, another rare ingredient that is freshly picked in Korea’s mountains during an extremely limited time frame. Due to its blooming period between May and June each year, peaking only over two to three days and between 8am and 10am, it is harvested with urgency by workers who have to ascend the mountains daily before the break of dawn. The flower contains 31 types of active ingredients, which account for a total volume that is twice that of its wild ginseng counterpart in the cream.

The product is also created with Dae-Bo-Won-Gi, a medicinal principle that strengthens the immune system of your body and skin through a harmonious circulation of blood, vital energy and essence. The result is a powerful beauty elixir that revitalises your complexion from deep within. Like a treasure waiting to be unveiled, the Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Cream is housed in a jewellery box sporting the same palatial metalwork and regal motifs.

Presenting the pact

Complement your newfound lustrous complexion with the Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Powder Pact – The History of Whoo’s top-tier powder made with eight jewels and metals, such as sapphire for its healing properties and pearl for its brightening amino acids and minerals. Part of the Yeheonbo range, it is available as a separate set.

The pressed powder applies softly and evenly onto skin. A porous peptide powder absorbs excess sebum to mattify the complexion while fine powder particles enhance the reflection of light on skin to blur pores. A wet-milling process gives the powder its smooth and fine texture.

Like the cream, the pact’s container bears the same imperial design and craftsmanship, and features three applicators for various application needs. Two different puffs enable the powder to have long-lasting staying power and a glowing finish, while a brush delicately sets your make-up without caking.

The Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Cream (80ml) is available as a set at $2,588 (worth $2,718) that includes a deluxe-sized 4ml version. The Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Powder Pact at $1,008 includes two refills and the Whoo Royal Kabuki Brush. Both are available at all outlets including The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, TANGS at Tang Plaza, TANGS VivoCity, Takashimaya Department Store, ION Orchard and BHG Bugis Junction.

This story first appeared in the Nov 2021 issue of Prestige Singapore.


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