The dermal fillers you should know about


And finally, what are some common myths around injectables that you can shed some light on?

There is so much information online about injectables, that it must be tough for laymen to differentiate fact from fiction! These are the common myths:

Myth #1: Many think that all dermal fillers are the same.
Fact: This is absolutely not true. Different products by different manufacturers have different characteristics or “behaviour” known as rheology when injected into the skin. Each one has its own viscosity, cohesion, cross-linking, spreadability, moldability and longevity. The technology used also differs from product to product. There are different injectables with different rheology for different areas at different depths of the face.

Myth #2: Injectables especially dermal fillers will make one looks like a different person.
Fact: Here the saying “less is more” can apply to most of us. When the correct product and technique is used at the correct depth, we can actually use less amount of filler to achieve our desired results. The trend nowadays is to avoid overfilling and “too much of a good thing” is so true in almost all aspects of life!

Myth #3: Injectables can be a painful procedure.
Fact: Pain and one’s tolerance is subjective and variable. Nevertheless, it should be managed well to make the injectable process pleasant and convenient without “fear of pain”. There are many ways to make the experience totally tolerable such as using anaesthetic numbing cream and ice cooling. Most dermal fillers nowadays are already premixed with anaesthetic agents. Good patient counselling, explanation and patient preparation are also vital in managing the fear of needles and pain.

Myth #4: Dermal fillers injections can have long downtime like doing plastic surgery.
Fact: Filler injectables are minimally invasive treatments, one can usually continue daily work and activities (with the exception of avoiding excessive sun/heat exposure, alcohol consumption, extreme workout for the first two days).

Myth #5: Injectables can be administered by anyone, anywhere.
Fact: Injectables should and always be administered by registered medical doctors who have undergone adequate training and are licensed and credentialed in aesthetic medicine in a registered clinic under the Ministry of Health.

Myth #6: Dermal fillers and Botulinum Toxin A @ BTA injections are the same.
Fact: Fillers like Teosyal and BTA are both injectables but they have totally different substances. Many fear that dermal fillers will make one’s face looks frozen and unnatural.

(Main image credit: Soroush Karimi/Unsplash)


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