The Real Reason You Shouldn’t Weigh Yourself Every Day


A person’s weight can be a touchy subject, and the pressure around being a certain weight can be incredibly demoralizing for women. CNET says it is a bad idea to weigh yourself every day because it can harm your mental health and self-confidence. Talkspace therapist Kate Rosenblatt told the publication, “It can almost create this false narrative of ‘My self-worth is conditional.'” She added that the numbers can equate how “good” or “bad” you are because daily weigh-ins can reinforce an unhealthy sense of control.

Daily weigh-in can create mental obstacles as it can affect your mood and make you obsessive as it can trigger some people. We tend to put a lot of stress on numbers when truthfully, your weight is not the correct representation of your health. Depending on just salt intake, you can weigh different at different times (via Insider). It can be hard to listen to your body’s needs if you only think of the numbers.

Meridan Zerner, a dietitian, nutritionist, and wellness coach at Cooper Clinic in Dallas, told American Heart Association that weighing yourself daily can negatively impact your outlook, self-esteem, and positive momentum, making you want to give up and recommends only weighing yourself once or twice a week. But if you find it helpful to self-monitor daily to keep up with your health goals, Zerner suggests, “First thing in the morning is the best,” and says to weigh yourself after you go to the bathroom.


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